How Much Can I Recover for a Foot or Ankle Injury?

If you suffered foot or ankle injuries in a car crash, slip and fall, or truck accident in St. Louis, you could be eligible to recover compensation. Foot and ankle injury settlements in Missouri are based on factors such as what caused the accident, the extent of injuries, and whether there’s proof of the other party’s negligence.

Common Foot and Ankle Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are common injuries that are prone to re-injury. The human foot consists of various bones, tendons, and muscles that connect to other parts of a person’s ankle, ankle joint, calves, knees, and other areas of the lower body. Foot and ankle injuries are most often caused by sports accidents, but can also be attributed to high-impact motor vehicle accidents. The most common foot and ankle injury claims in Missouri typically include:

  • Nerve damage – an ankle sprain or tear can result in compressed nerves throughout the foot or ankle, and cause or contribute to conditions such as tarsal tunnel syndrome and arthritis
  • Ligament tears – if a ligament is stretched and sprained, or torn, this can cause issues with a victim’s tendons, ankle joints, and lower leg muscles
  • Fractures – the ankle consists of three bones; the tibia, fibula, and talus, as well as various tendons and bones that are connected to the foot. Depending on the severity of the damage, foot and ankle fractures can affect a person’s mobility, coordination, and in severe cases, result in the chronic ankle or foot pain that requires surgery or ongoing treatment
  • Foot and ankle sprains – some sprains are minor and heal on their own within a matter of weeks, but other injuries, such as upper ankle sprains, that can include damaged tendons, torn ligaments, and muscle damage
  • Scarring and disfigurement – catastrophic car accidents can cause foot and ankle burns, severe nerve damage, and loss of mobility, which can lead to damages that require extensive physical therapy, surgery, and medication to treat
  • Tendonitis – strained or torn muscles in the ankle or foot that can range in severity. The most severe case of tendonitis is Achilles tendonitis which affects a person’s tendons, muscles, and joints from the tendons in their heel all the way up to their calf muscles in more severe cases

If someone’s negligence caused your foot or ankle injuries, and you’ve incurred damages, you could recover compensation with a foot and ankle injury claim in St. Louis.

How is a Settlement Calculated for a Foot or Ankle Injury Claim in Missouri?

Many accidents cause foot and ankle injuries, such as car and motorcycle crashes, that typically involve negligence, such as speeding, driving under the influence, and other behaviors that can cause severe injuries. After an accident, it’s essential to seek immediate medical treatment for foot or ankle injuries that might have been caused, such as sprains, tears, and fractures, that, without treatment, can worsen, and cause lifelong difficulties with mobility, coordination, and other functions.

After getting a diagnosis of your injuries, it’s essential to consult a Missouri Foot and Ankle Settlement Lawyer about your case and file a strong claim against the at-fault party. Typically, foot and ankle settlements in Missouri are based on the cause of the victim’s injuries, the degree of injuries, and other damages the victim suffered. Insurance companies generally attempt to get victims to settle for lower settlements than they are entitled to, but with a compelling injury claim, and aggressive legal defense from a St. Louis Foot and Ankle Injury Attorney, the odds of recovering the maximum amount of compensation for your ankle sprain, muscle tear, or other foot and ankle damage are significant.

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Weakened or damaged ligaments, tendons, and bones, can make it nearly impossible for victims to be confident in their ability to perform activities they once enjoyed, such as riding a bike, playing sports, or running. No one should suffer physical, mental, or emotional distress because of another person’s negligence, but when it does happen, the Dixon Injury Firm is ready to fight for your case.

Christopher Dixon and the St. Louis Foot and Ankle Injury Settlement Lawyers have fought for the rights of countless victims and will do anything it takes to recover a high settlement for your foot and ankle injury claim in Missouri. Our attorneys are committed to being by your side every step of the way and can push back against the other party’s insurance company if they attempt to deny your claim, which is protected under Missouri’s Injury Statute.

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