How Much Does It Cost to Sue a Trucking Company After an Accident?

Serious injuries are often accompanied by expensive financial damages that can be hard to recover from. If you are injured in a truck accident, you could be eligible to sue the at-fault truck driver and their employer for damages. During your initial consultation with an attorney, they’ll analyze your case, create a plan, and determine how much it’ll cost to sue a trucking company for damages caused in an accident.

Truck Accident Settlement Process

Most truck accident cases are settled outside of court. If you are injured in an accident and interested in suing the trucking company at fault in the crash, it’s crucial to hire a lawyer to represent your case. State laws on fault can be difficult to understand, but a knowledgeable attorney can break it down for you and explain how they pertain to your case. In some states in the U.S., an insurance claim can only be filed against your own insurance policy to recover damages. In the vast majority of states though, you are eligible to sue the at-fault truck driver and their employer for damages. The settlement that each case is eligible to recover varies, but an attorney can provide you with an estimate of how much you could sue the trucking company for after an accident.

There are several stages involved with a truck accident. The first step happens right after the accident occurs. It’s essential to collect information (photos, debris, video, audio recordings, etc) from the crash, call the police, get medical attention, and consult your lawyer about the accident. The police will file a report of the crash, which will include statements from drivers involved, a detailed sketch of the scene, what and who they think caused the accident, and more. Getting examined by a physician will document your injuries from the crash, which can be powerful evidence for your claim. Keep in mind, it’s crucial to have a lawyer by your side if you are thinking about suing a trucking company for damages.

Without substantial legal knowledge, it’s impossible to recover the maximum amount of compensation for your case. Insurance companies are often unwilling to offer a high settlement for unrepresented cases. A knowledgeable attorney can analyze your case’s strengths and weaknesses and determine if you are eligible to file a claim for the accident. Your lawyer will then assist you in writing a powerful demand letter and filing an insurance claim against the trucking company involved in the crash. The strength of your demand letter and an insurance claim is what sets the baseline for negotiating a settlement for your harm and losses caused in a truck accident.

Negotiating a Settlement

The next stage of the truck accident process is negotiating a settlement for your damages. The main priority of the trucking company’s insurance agent is to get you to accept the lowest settlement possible. If you don’t have a lawyer by your side to represent your case, you risk accepting an offer that sounds good, but in reality, is less than a lawyer could recover for your damages. An experienced attorney will defend your case, push against the trucking company’s insurance company for a better offer, and negotiate your case’s way to a higher settlement.

Most truck accident cases settle outside of court with roughly 90% of cases reaching a settlement before going to trial. In some cases, however, filing a lawsuit against a trucking company can be a good option. If the trucking company responsible for the accident doesn’t provide an acceptable offer after negotiations by your lawyer, your lawyer can determine if it makes sense to take your truck accident case to court. Lawsuits can be expensive and time-consuming, but if your lawyer is confident your case will win, you could recover more compensation by suing the at-fault trucking company involved.

Damages That You Can Sue a Trucking Company For After an Accident

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise, but most truck accidents cause severe injuries and financial damages. If you sue a trucking company after an accident, you could recover damages such as:

  • Medical expenses caused in the crash
  • Pain and suffering that arose from injuries caused in the accident
  • Lost wages that you experienced because of the crash
  • Property damage, rental car fees, and other expenses caused by the accident
  • Future expenses that arise because of permanent injuries from the accident

When consulting a lawyer about the accident, they’ll give you an idea of how much it costs to sue the trucking company involved. If you are worried about paying for a lawyer, most offer free consultations and use a contingency plan so you can focus on what’s important; recovering.

Consult An Attorney About Your Truck Accident Case Today

An experienced attorney has their clients’ best interests at heart and will do everything possible to recover damages for their clients. If you are in a truck accident, having an attorney on your side provides you with peace of mind, protects your rights, and strengthens your case’s claim. Keep in mind; every case isn’t eligible to recover damages. However, if your case is eligible, a knowledgeable attorney has the resources needed to recover the most compensation for your case. If you are ready to sue a trucking company after an accident, contact the Dixon Injury Firm today to schedule a free consultation and explore the options available to your case.