How to Win a Truck Accident Lawsuit

A compelling insurance claim can go a long way, but if the other party’s insurance company refuses to offer an acceptable settlement for your damages, hiring an attorney is your best defense in getting the settlement that you desire. Your lawyer can guide you in filing a lawsuit, ensure that your rights are protected, and defend your claim in court until you recover damages from the responsible party and win your truck accident lawsuit.

When Should You File a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

There are many steps involved with obtaining an acceptable settlement for an accident. After mediation and negotiation between your lawyer and the other party’s insurance agent, if you are still dissatisfied with the settlement that the other party is willing to offer, your lawyer can take your claim a step further. Filing a lawsuit against a large company such as a trucking company shouldn’t be taken lightly and should only be done if your lawyer is confident that your truck accident lawsuit will win in court. Most accidents are settled outside of court, as taking a case to trial can be expensive and time-consuming. However, if your lawyer feels that you could recover more compensation by filing a lawsuit against the at-fault truck driver, this could produce significantly better results for your case.

Who Should I File a Truck Accident Lawsuit Against?

Depending on the circumstances of the crash, you might be able to file a lawsuit against more parties than just the at-fault driver. If the truck driver was on the clock when the accident happened, the trucking company that they are employed with could be liable for their employee’s actions under the “respondeat superior” tort, or Vicarious Liability. Trucking companies are heavily insured by large insurance companies and pursuing a lawsuit against them can be difficult. Your attorney can ensure that your case has a powerful claim, your lawsuit is supported by concrete evidence from the crash, and that every possible measure is taken to win your truck accident lawsuit against the liable party. Lawsuits can take months before a verdict is reached, but your lawyer can provide financial assistance during this trying time to make sure that you and your loved ones are taken care of.

Can I Win a Truck Accident Lawsuit Without an Attorney?

It is possible to file a lawsuit without an attorney, but it’s necessary to have an attorney by your side to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for your case. Your attorney has the resources needed to defend your claim against the truck driver’s high-powered insurance company and ensure that you are adequately compensated for harm and losses that were caused in the accident. Without an experienced attorney by your side, unpredictable or unwanted outcomes could occur with your truck accident lawsuit. When your case is taken to trial, it’s fate is entirely up to the judge and jury assigned to it. Hiring an attorney to defend your case in court provides you with a potential outcome ahead of time, ensures that your rights are protected, and that you have the best chances possible of winning your truck accident lawsuit.

How Can a Lawyer Help Win My Truck Accident Lawsuit?

If you are injured in a truck accident, you deserve justice for your harm and losses caused by another. In 2016 alone, there were 119,000 injuries reported from large truck accidents. If you have injuries or damages from a truck accident, your lawyer can ensure that you’re adequately compensated for your damages that the negligent truck driver caused. Trucking companies often have intimidating, experienced attorneys defending their cases in court that are ruthless when fighting for their clients. Your experienced lawyer has the knowledge and tactics necessary to push against the other party’s defense, defend your claim and ensure that your truck accident lawsuit wins the most damages.

Discuss Your Case Today with a Truck Accident Lawyer

Between 2011 and 2016, there was a 15% increase in the number of deaths caused by large trucks in the U.S. In 2017, this number decreased by 1%, but still indicates that 4,102 were caused by large truck crashes. If you don’t receive a proper settlement for the harm and losses that a negligent truck driver caused, it’s crucial to speak with your lawyer about whether you should file a lawsuit. While a lawsuit can be expensive and time-consuming, with the guidance of an experienced attorney by your side, justice and compensation can be recovered for your case. If you need an attorney to help with your case, contact the Dixon Injury Firm today to schedule a free consultation. Our Truck Accident Attorneys are passionate about helping injury victims with their cases and will do everything in their power to win your truck accident lawsuit.