Most Dangerous Intersections in Missouri

Due to the population in cities across Missouri, there are bound to be car accidents from traffic congestion. A recent Missouri study collected information from 2010 to 2015, regarding the most dangerous intersections across the State. The study found that the most dangerous intersections in Missouri are in the following cities: (1) Kansas City with 6,904 accidents in 2015; (2) St. Louis with 6,398 accidents in 2015; and (3) Springfield with 2,550 accidents in 2015. This study came up with a “collision danger index” after compiling the total amount of accidents, injuries, and deaths at intersections through the Missouri Highway Patrol. The numbers were gathered through crash results and not crash rates. The study found that not only are some intersections with the highest accident rates heavily populated with traffic, but they’re also may be an issue with poor design of the intersection.

Missouri’s Most Dangerous Intersection is in St. Louis

With a danger index of 293, this study found that the most dangerous intersection in the State of Missouri is Dorsett Road at Interstate 270 in Maryland Heights. This diverging diamond intersection (DDI) was built in 2010 and is unique in the fact that it is the third DDI built in Missouri and the fourth in America. The study found that between 2010, and 2015, there were approximately 149 accidents that occurred at this DDI. There were approximately 48 injuries from those accidents, but luckily no deaths.

While the DDI intersections may reduce “conflict points”, it can be confusing to someone unaccustomed to the design. For some individuals, this news is shocking because the DDI design is supposed to reduce crashes by 50 percent. The design is also said to be safer because it makes both left-turn lanes coming on and off the interstate possible without crossing opposing traffic. According to MoDOT, besides being safer, one of the perks of the DDI is the cost of building one and the substantial improvement of traffic flow. Because of this and the amount of traffic at the Dorsett Road and Interstate 270 intersection, MoDOT believed the DDI would be the perfect solution. Today, there are 81 DDIs in the U.S.

Pursuant to the study, close to one-third of the most dangerous intersections in Missouri stem out of Kansas City, with four of them being in the top ten. Coming in at the second most dangerous intersection in Missouri is the Blue Ridge Cutoff and I-70 in Kansas City. Between 2010, and 2015, there were 95 accidents, 59 people injured, and 1 fatal accident. The study gave this a danger index of 282. The other three Kansas City intersections listed in the top ten most dangerous intersections are (1) Front Street and I-435 with a danger index of 181; (2) Holmes and I-435 with a danger index of 155; and (3) Gregory and Highway 71 with a danger index of 152. The intersection at Front Street and I-435 is another intersection with the DDI design.

Overall, it was found that the majority of traffic crashes at intersections involve distracted driving and disregarding traffic control devices. If you are injured in a traffic accident that is not your fault, you are entitled to reimbursement for your harms and losses. The Dixon Injury Firm provides accident victims FREE LEGAL CONSULTATIONS by calling (314) 208-2808