Missouri Dog Bite Laws

If you have been bitten by a dog in Missouri and are thinking about pursuing legal action for your injuries and financial damages caused in the attack, it’s unwise to do so without representation from a Dog Bite Lawyer in St. Louis. Liability in dog bite… read more

Is a Dog Owner Covered By Insurance?

Every insurance policy is different, but most homeowners’ insurance policies offer coverage if another person suffers from dog bite injuries on the policy owner’s property. However, this can vary from policy to policy and the circumstances of each case. If you have been injured in… read more

Husky Attacks

Siberian Huskies and Husky mixed-breeds accounted for 6% of fatal dog attacks in 2009. Huskies are energetic and highly intelligent animals that require regular hands-on care from their owner. If an owner neglects to socialize a Husky or make sure that it gets enough exercise, Huskies can… read more

How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Dog Bite Claim?

Every dog bite case is different, but the average dog bite claim takes between one to three months from the time a dog bite report is filed to settle. In cases that resolve quickly, liability is often clear, and both parties are cooperative during the… read more

German Shepherd Attacks

Over 17 years in the U.S., the most common dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club in fatal dog attacks were pit bulls, Rottweilers, and German shepherds. German shepherds are common family dogs and gentle, but all dogs can grow dangerous in a hostile… read more

Does Insurance Cover Dog Bites and Dog Attacks?

If you are bitten in a dog bite attack, most of the time, the dog owner’s homeowners’ insurance will cover your damages from the accident, but some policies don’t include coverage for dog bites. If you are unsure if a dog owners’ insurance will cover… read more

Can I Press Charges for a Dog Bite?

While all dogs have the ability to bite someone, some dogs and breeds are more likely than others to cause serious dog bite injuries, such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, which are often categorized as “dangerous dogs.” If a victim’s injuries from a dog bite… read more

Boxer Attacks

Boxers are usually playful and sweet, and a commonly chosen breed for family pets. Much like Pit Bulls and Dobermans though, a Boxer’s personality is mostly shaped by the environment it’s raised in, and whether the owner has socialized the animal with other dogs and… read more

Can I Sue if a Family Member Dies in a Truck Crash?

It’s never easy when a loved one dies, but when a family member dies in a truck crash, it can be particularly difficult to deal with. An area of the law that can get justice for your loved one’s sudden death is wrongful death. Wrongful… read more

Which Dog Breeds Have the Highest Bite Rate?

Regardless of breed, all dogs have the potential to cause harm to a person or another animal, but some breeds are more likely than others such as Pitbulls and Rottweilers, which are categorized as “dangerous dogs.” If you have been bitten by a dangerous dog… read more

Is a Landlord Liable for a Dog Bite in Missouri?

There are several people that can be liable in a dog bite accident, including a dog’s owner, and in some situations, the landlord of a property. If you or someone you know has been injured in a dog bite accident that was caused by another… read more

I Was Bitten By My Neighbor’s Dog, What Now?

Most dog bite accidents occur in the victim’s home, or at the residence of a close friend or family member. But, what happens if you are bitten by a neighbor’s dog? It can be difficult to know what your rights are in this situation, and… read more

How to Hire a Lawyer for a Dog Bite

If you are injured in a dog bite accident, you are likely feeling frightened, confused, and unsure about how to proceed with your case. Dog bite laws can be complicated and challenging to understand without adequate legal knowledge, but hiring a lawyer to represent your… read more

Dog Bite Stats in Missouri

Every year, more than 4.5 million people are injured in dog bite accidents. In 2016, in the state of Missouri, there were 2,700 cases of dog bite injuries reported to insurance companies, the most common being head and face injuries, and most involving dog breeds with high… read more

Do I Call the Police After Being Bitten By a Dog?

The aftermath of being bitten by a dog can be challenging to deal with, and it can be difficult to know how to proceed with your case. Questions such as, “should I call the police?” “What evidence do I need?” and, “how can I recover… read more

Can I Sue Homeowners Insurance If I Was Bitten by a Dog?

There are certain situations where a dog bite victim might not feel comfortable filing a claim against the dog’s owner, such as if the liable party is a close friend, family member, or neighbor. However, dog bite injuries can cause steep medical expenses and severe,… read more

What is the One Bite Rule?

The “one-bite rule” is a law that some states have adopted that allow dogs a “free pass” in some situations, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. While the one-bite rule doesn’t let a dog’s owner off the hook if they severely injure another animal… read more

What are Missouri’s Dog Bite Laws?

Thousands of people are injured in dog bite accidents every year. In the state of Missouri, if another person’s dog injures you, the dog owner is strictly liable for your damages under Missouri’s dog bite laws. Proving that a dog owner is liable for your injuries can… read more

Strict Liability Laws in Missouri

In most states, if a dog bites someone, and it’s an isolated incident, the dog’s owner is unlikely to be liable if they had no idea that the dog was dangerous. However, in the state of Missouri, if a dog causes harm to someone, and… read more

In Missouri, Who is Liable for Dog Bites?

In most states in the U.S., a dog owner isn’t automatically liable for an animal’s actions. However in the state of Missouri, if a dog bites someone without provocation, the dog’s owner is strictly liable for the dog’s behavior and is required to compensate victims… read more

How Much Can You Get if You’re Bitten by a Dog?

Dog bite settlements are calculated based on several factors; most importantly, a state’s dog bites laws. In some states, if a person is bitten by someone else’s dog, unprovoked, the victim is eligible to file a claim against the dog’s owner due to strict liability…. read more

How Do You Sue If You’re Bit By a Dog in Missouri?

Missouri uses the rule of strict liability, which allows dog bite victims to sue a dog’s owner to recover compensation for their harm and losses caused in a dog bite accident. However, if the accident occurred on private property or the victim provoked the dog… read more

Do I Need a Lawyer If My Child Was Bit By a Dog?

Children are the primary victims of severe dog bite injuries. Thousands of children under the age of 9 are injured in dog bite accidents in the U.S. every year, and most require medical treatment for their injuries. No parent should have to experience their child… read more

What Should I Do if I’m in a Commercial Truck Accident?

Commercial truck accidents are often severe and can cause slow-healing or permanent injuries such as chronic back pain, internal bleeding, PTSD, and in some truck accidents, fatalities. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you are likely to have difficulty figuring out the… read more

Will My Job Benefits Continue While I Am On Workers Compensation?

Many people that are injured on the job struggle with the question, “will my job benefits continue while I am on worker’s compensation?” Depending on your state’s worker’s compensation laws, the answer to this varies. In some states, employers are required to continue paying a… read more

What Are the Statute of Limitations for a Workers Compensation Case?

A Statute of Limitations is a law that limits the amount of time that a person has to bring a lawsuit against a negligent party that caused or contributed to their harm and losses. If you have been injured at work and are looking for… read more

How Is Workers Compensation Paid Out?

If you were injured on the job or suffered occupational exposure, you could be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits to offset the cost of medical expenses and lost wages that stemmed from the accident. Workers’ compensation benefits are typically paid out in one of… read more

How Is Temporary and Permanent Disability Determined for Workers’ Compensation?

Workers compensation is based on many different factors, including if a disability is temporary or permanent, and if the specifics of the workplace accident that they occurred in fit the requirements of the state’s workers’ compensation laws, which are different in each state. If you… read more

How Do You Find a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Wrongful death accidents often bring lots of questions. One of them being, “how do you find a Wrongful Death Lawyer?” If you have lost a family member in a wrongful death accident and need help determining how to proceed with your case, a Wrongful Death… read more

Does Workers Compensation Cover Emotional or Mental Trauma?

The system of worker’s compensation is designed to compensate an employee that was injured on the job for any present or future lost wages they’ve experienced because of the accident, as well as compensation for medical care. While worker’s compensation covers medical expenses, it doesn’t… read more