The 10 Most Dangerous Missouri Intersections

State Farm recently released its list of Missouri’s most dangerous roadways. Topping the list are roadways in St. Louis County and Springfield, Missouri, featuring dangerous stoplights and hard-to-navigate-turns.

The 10 most dangerous Missouri Intersections:

  1. Gravois & Lindbergh Boulevard (Sunset Hills)
  2. Glenstone Avenue & Sunshine Street (Springfield)
  3. Clarkson Road & Manchester Road (Ellisville)
  4. Highway 141 & Big Bend (Twin Oaks)
  5. 23rd Street & State Highway 291 (Independence)
  6. Battlefield Road & National Avenue (Springfield)
  7. Kansas Expressway & Sunshine Street (Springfield)
  8. Patterson Road & Lindbergh (Florissant)
  9. Highway K & Highway N (O’Fallon)
  10. Highway 94 & Jungermann Road (St. Peters)

The Sunset Hills area has been granted $20,000 to perform a study of the intersection at Gravois and Lindbergh Boulevard, but so far, no results have been released. While these roadways are being monitored, and ideas are circulating of how crashes here can be reduced, it is nonetheless important for drivers to be cautious on these roadways.

What determines how dangerous an intersection is? A dangerous roadway may feature one or more of the following:

  • Poorly lit roadways
  • Streets with ambiguous traffic markings
  • Streets with poor visibility
  • Heavy traffic streets that lack traffic signs or lights
  • High traffic areas
  • Streets with multiple potholes
  • Roads with narrow lanes
  • Two-lane roads with significant speed limits

Roads deemed as “Dangerous” all feature:

  • High level of traffic incidents
  • High level of car crash-related fatalities
  • Increased emergency vehicle surveillance

How can you attempt to avoid a car wreck at a dangerous intersection?

  • Drive slow and cautious, stay within or under the posted speed limit
  • Come to a full stop at stop signs, and at yellow or red lights
  • Avoid distractions
  • Stay off of your cell phone
  • Accelerate slowly on fresh green lights
  • Stay alert

Have you been injured at or near one of these dangerous Missouri intersections? You deserve to be compensated for the losses you’ve suffered because of a car crash at a dangerous crossroads. A personal injury attorney will fight to win you crash compensation. Don’t let the statute of limitations on your car crash case run out, call a Missouri Injury Lawyer today.