What If I’m in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Multi-vehicle accidents can be frightening. Sometimes they occur because one car rear-ends the car in front of them, or there is a sideswipe collision that causes a multi-vehicle accident. Regardless of the reason why the multi-vehicle accident happened, it’s important to act quickly, stay calm and call a car accident lawyer to protect you from the other driver’s insurance companies and fight for the most in compensation for your damages from the accident.

How Do Multi-Vehicle Accidents Happen?

Multi-vehicle accidents, also known as “chain reaction” accidents can happen for many different reasons. One negligent driver can cause a crash with multiple vehicles, or a factor such as bad weather can leave more than one driver at-fault for a bad weather accident. After an accident, it is important to stay silent with the insurance company. Insurance agents will be looking for someone to blame for the accident, and even a slightly suspect statement could be used to pin fault on a non-liable driver. Consulting with a lawyer immediately after the crash can also keep you protected from insurance companies. Your car accident lawyer’s job is to take care of the complexities of your case, negotiate with insurance companies and ultimately, win the most in compensation for your case.

Who is At-Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

In some rare occasions, no one is at-fault for a multi-vehicle accident. Sometimes an accident cannot be avoided due to bad weather or other uncontrollable factors. In other multi-vehicle accidents, it can be difficult to say who is at-fault so there is a series of steps that investigators take to figure out who is at fault.

  • The driver of the first vehicle that was hit will be questioned about how many impacts they felt and what they saw at the time of the accident
  • Other drivers involved in the accident will be questioned about what they thought happened in the crash
  • Eyewitnesses at the scene are a useful piece of evidence for determining what happened in a multi-vehicle accident, so other drivers at the time of the accident will be interviewed for their account of the accident
  • If no one is found at-fault, don’t worry – you can still claim damages with the help of your car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will help you file a claim with your collision coverage for property damage and through with your health insurance company for any injuries/medical damages you sustained in the accident

Proving Negligence in a Multi-Vehicle Accident

If you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident and are either being blamed for the accident or know which driver(s) could possibly be at fault, it is important to act quickly, gather evidence from the scene, be truthful with your statement to the police, stay silent with the insurance companies and talk to your lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can keep you safe during this hectic ordeal and make sure that you and your case are protected. It is important to gather as much information as possible for your lawyer immediately after an accident, including pictures/video/audio, copies of police and medical reports, and personal contact information from everyone involved in the accident. The more information your lawyer has to work with, the more support your multi-vehicle accident will have.

How a Lawyer Can Help Win Damages for a Multi-Vehicle Accident

It is a difficult but honest truth that not everyone will be eligible to receive compensation for their case. Speaking with your lawyer immediately after your accident allows for your car accident lawyer to analyze your case, determine your best options for fighting for the case, and decide the potential outcome of your case. Most consultations are free, so don’t worry about not being able to afford legal counsel – in fact, most lawyers use a contingency plan where you don’t have to pay for legal services unless they successfully win damages for your claim. If you have been involved in a multi-vehicle accident and are not sure where to start with your claim, contact the Dixon Injury Firm immediately to begin discussing your case with our personal injury attorneys today.