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Neck Injury or Pain Following a Car Accident

Assistance from Experienced St. Louis Car Accident Attorneys

The Dixon Injury Firm is dedicated to helping victims of car accidents with their personal injury claims. If you are dealing with chronic neck pain after a car accident, you need a St. Louis whiplash lawyer by your side to assist with your claim. Dealing with the other party’s insurance company can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with, but by hiring a lawyer to represent your car accident neck injury claim, you’re ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process. Unfortunately, not everyone will receive compensation for their claim, but many cases will. The Dixon Injury Firm has successfully recovered damages for countless personal injury claims and will fight to ensure that you and your family are taken care of during this trying time.

We are ready to help defend your personal injury case against the at-fault party and recover the maximum amount of compensation possible from their insurance company. Call us at (314) 208-2808 today.

Preparing a Claim

It’s essential to gather evidence from the scene of the accident immediately after it happens and consult a personal injury lawyer if you experience any injuries or neck pain after an accident. A personal injury attorney has the legal knowledge and experience required to understand injury laws and defend your claim against the at-fault party. No one should have to suffer because of neck injuries caused by another in a car accident, but if you find yourself in this situation, The Dixon Injury Firm is here to help.

Car accidents are a leading cause of injuries and death in the U.S. According to the CDC, for every 1 person that is killed in a motor vehicle accident, 8 are injured. An estimated 90 people die in car accidents every day in the U.S. and roughly 6 million crashes occur every year.

Neck injuries such as whiplash are one of the most common injuries reported in car accidents and account for more than 65% of bodily injuries from car crashes. Symptoms can present themselves 24 hours after the accident, or take weeks to develop – this is why it is so important to see a doctor after a crash even if you don’t feel any pain.

Missouri Injury Laws

According to a study by BMC Public Health, car accident victims that experienced whiplash injuries have a poorer quality of life 5 years after their accident compared to those who suffered other injuries.

In most states, if someone causes moderate or severe injuries to another driver in a car accident, they can be liable for paying for the injured party’s damages. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, at-fault drivers can face hefty fines and fees for the accident, lose their driver’s license, have their license suspended, face potential jail time, and more.

What Successful Claims Can Achieve

If a driver causes a car accident in which the other party is injured, the at-fault driver may be required to pay for the injured party’s damages or other expenses.
Monetary damages can be recovered with proper legal guidance. Most accidents are preventable and can be avoided by practicing safe driving, so if a driver hurts or kills another driver, they will likely face serious consequences.

If a driver is found at fault for an accident in which another driver is injured or killed, they may be responsible for compensating the victim for the following damages:

  • Medical bills resulting from the accident

  • Future medical costs that the injured driver may experience because of their injuries from the crash

  • Lost wages that the injured driver may have experienced during recovery or as a result of permanent disability

  • Property damage that occurred in the car accident

  • Funeral expenses that the family of the deceased driver from the accident may have had to pay for out-of-pocket

  • Lost income that the family of the deceased driver may have suffered from because of the crash

It’s critical to get a St. Louis car accident attorney involved with your case that is experienced in your state’s car accident and personal injury laws. The knowledge of a personal injury lawyer can be useful when determining if you are eligible to file a claim, what damages you are able to claim, if you have substantial evidence to support your claim, and to predict the outcome of your case against the negligent driver.

We Are Here to Help

When you have been involved in a car accident and have suffered injuries because of another, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical attention, then reach out for legal counsel. Insurance companies will try and get an immediate statement from you about the crash and will attempt to offer you the lowest settlement amount possible for your suffering, but your lawyer won’t let this happen.

Our St. Louis car accident lawyers are always ready to help and offer free consultations to make the process easier for car accident victims. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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