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Truck Accidents Caused by Alcohol or Drugs

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If you were injured by a drunk driver, you may not care that much about seeing that the driver is punished. Instead, you are probably worried about your injuries, the property damage you may have suffered, and how you will pay your bills if you cannot work. The Dixon Injury Firm can help you seek compensation for your losses, and we never charge you a penny unless you get paid first.

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Missouri DWI Laws

In Missouri, as in most other states, driving with a blood alcohol content of .08% or higher is a criminal offense. On the first offense for Driving While Intoxicated, or DWI, a driver can lose his or her license for 90 days. Driving with just a level of .04% is also a violation that will result in 2 points being assessed and the driver being banned from commercial operations for one year. Minors can also be punished for having blood alcohol levels of just .02%. On the second offense, a driver will usually lose his or her license for a year, and if the second offense is within five years of the first offense that can result in a five-year suspension. A third offense will usually result in a driving ban lasting ten years.

The Cleveland Clinic has a handy blood alcohol content calculator that can help folks think about when they will become impaired. As one example, a 220-pound person that drinks six 12-ounce beers with 5% alcohol content in two hours would have a blood-alcohol level of .09%. On the other hand, a 150-pound person could drink only four beers before hitting .09%. Just three beers for the 150-pound person will put him or her over the .04% limit, as will four beers for the 220 pounder. Refusing to take a test will not protect a drunk driver, as that can result in a loss of driving privileges for one year.

Missouri Drugged Driving Laws

The law in Missouri, Statute Section 577.001(14), defines intoxication as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. So driving under the influence of drugs is just as illegal as driving drunk. As a practical matter, though, it is a little harder for the police to test for impairment caused by drugs. Under Missouri Statute Section 577.020 anyone driving on the public highways of the state is deemed to have given consent to a breath, blood, saliva, or urine test for drugs anytime they are involved in a serious accident. This evidence can become invaluable in a lawsuit filed by someone that was injured by a driver that was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

How Can The Dixon Injury Firm Help?

At The Dixon Injury Firm, we have a comprehensive understanding of the most recent Missouri traffic laws and statutes and can use this knowledge to defend you and your loved ones during this trying time. No one should have to suffer from these types of injuries, but choosing an experienced and knowledgeable truck accident lawyer in St. Louis can ensure that you and your family are adequately compensated for your lost time and injuries. We can also help ascertain that your financial future and health are protected.

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