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A vehicle accident is often the most traumatic event a person will suffer. In the moment, good people will sometimes flee from the scene in a panic. People that already have a tendency to be irresponsible are even more likely to disappear. Sometimes, drivers will run because they have other concerns. For example, drivers that do not have the insurance required by law will often not want to be caught at the scene of an accident where they may be required to pay the damages out of pocket. The police do not have an unlimited budget, and it should be no surprise that a hit-and-run may not be their top priority. This is why it is so important to have a skilled St. Louis hit and run truck accident attorney on your side.

A good lawyer will know the leading private investigators in the area, and will also have strong relationships with local law enforcement. The police will sometimes have some leads, for example, they may have interviewed some witnesses that were able to provide a general description of the truck, and a private investigator may be able to do the work to actually track down the leads. Private investigators may have more patience in getting access to potentially-helpful surveillance footage and other useful clues.

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Uninsured Motorist Reporting

Missouri has a special requirement that any accident involving an uninsured motorist that caused injury, death, or more than $500 in damages must be reported. The Missouri Driver’s License Bureau will typically suspend the license of the driver and license plates of the vehicle involved for the failure to maintain insurance. This may not always help someone that suffered at the hands of an uninsured driver, but the suspension can be extended if the driver fails to pay damages that he or she is liable for. So, this reporting can help an injured party to collect and that makes it important to do. In any event, it is a legal requirement that should be complied with and an experienced lawyer will make sure you take care of these important tasks.

Collecting from a Hit & Run Truck Accident Can Be The Hardest Part

Sometimes winning a judgment in court is only the first step in the process of obtaining compensation after an accident. This is especially true with a driver that fled the scene of an accident. Fleeing drivers tend to not be the most responsible individuals, so even after finding the responsible driver and winning a judgment against him or her, an injured party may have to consider using a process called “garnishment” to collect from the driver.

Missouri Statute 525.010 provides a process for collecting “goods, moneys or effects” of a person that is found liable in court. This money is then used to pay off the court’s judgment. Missouri has a very broad statute, and it generally allows an attorney to work with a law enforcement officer to collect the debt. The easiest way to collect is to garnish the funds in the hit-and-run truck driver’s bank account. If he or she does not have enough money in the bank, up to 75% of his or her wages can usually be garnished until the judgment is paid off.

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For many people hiring a lawyer after a hit-and-run truck accident, it is their first encounter with the judicial system. In that case, you want an experienced lawyer that can guide you through the common pitfalls that could allow a negligent truck driver to escape liability. Chris Dixon of The Dixon Injury Firm has been named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association, and he has recovered in excess of $50 million dollars for people in the St. Louis area that were negligently injured in truck crashes and similar incidents.

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