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Electrocution accidents are far more common and can be caused far more easily than most people imagine. If you or a loved one were electrocuted due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness, you deserve help as you pursue your claim.

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What Causes Electrocution?

Knowing how to protect your family members from an electrocution accident requires attention and vigilance.

Here are several ways that an electrocution accident can happen:

  • Electrical outlets: Electrical outlets are easy for small children to reach and can often be installed improperly or unsafely. Ensure that your electrical outlets have covers protecting them from curious hands and that they are safely and fully installed into the wall.
  • Appliances: Electrical appliances carry powerful electrical charges than can be deadly when they come in contact with skin. Ensure that your appliances have protective cords and don’t have any exposed wires.
  • Power lines: After a storm, the supports that hold power lines high above the road can be broken or damaged, causing the power lines to sag. When this happens, the chances of coming in contact with a power line are far higher. Unfortunately, touching a powerline often ends in electrocution. Make sure your family members and children are aware of how dangerous powerlines are.
  • Swimming pools: Electrical appliances and electric lines near swimming pools can cause deadly accidents. Make sure that any electrical appliances or lines that are used outside are safely away from the pool. An electrical appliance that is plugged in and falls into the pool can cause the deaths of everyone in the pool. Practice safety.
  • Extension cords: Extension cords make life easier, but they can also be dangerous when abused. Using too many extension cords in one area of the home can lead to an accident when someone trips or falls over an extension cord and is subsequently electrocuted by an open circuit, or a fire can start because of an open circuit touching a flammable object.

If your family member passed after an electrocution accident, it is important to retain a lawyer who will aggressively and fully pursue the accident so that you and your family can be taken care of during this difficult time. Our team at The Dixon Injury Firm can and will provide for you and your family.

How Can The Dixon Injury Firm Help?

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