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Come Halloween, there’s a chance that visitors to haunted houses will succumb to injuries. Trips and falls, broken wrists, and accidents leading to other injuries are all possible. It’s our job as St. Louis haunted house injury lawyers to provide exceptional legal counsel to victims and their families to ensure they receive full compensation for these injuries. Below, we provide a rundown of what a haunted house injury claim is like and what you can expect.

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What Happens If You’re Injured In A Haunted House?

Aside from seeking medical attention as soon as possible, it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to begin the process. Rewards granted for any sort of premises liability or injury cases are adjusted based on the severity, medical costs, and factors like pain and suffering along with emotional trauma.

9 times out of 10, you won’t be signing any pre-liability waivers at the everyday pop-up haunted house on Halloween. Most injuries that occur on the premises fall on the proprietor of the haunted house in question.

What Causes Haunted House Injuries?

An injury at an amusement park, swimming pool, playground, or any other public place is unfortunate.

Some of the common reasons behind haunted house injuries include:

  • Aggressiveactors: “Aggressive” may be an exaggerated word in most cases, though “overzealous” fits the bill. Haunted houses hinge on having personal interaction — i.e. monsters, mummies, and other characters popping out of corners. It’s no surprise that a lot of injuries happen because of how effective these haunted house employees are. Startled, a guest may have any number of injuries: cuts, bruises, etc. If the employee or actor did something outside of his/her job description (went overboard with their role) they may be liable.

  • Surprising exhibits: Shock and brief bouts of horror are the purpose of haunted houses, but sometimes that can backfire. Various exhibits that are unsafe or intense can cause injuries. One example would be an event (a vampire dropping from the ceiling?) that causes a group of visitors to quickly flee into a different room, resulting in someone being trampled.

  • Unsafe environments: The aesthetic of going to a haunted house is on par with sneaking into an abandoned building on a moonless night. However, it’s important for purveyors to ensure all of the necessary safety features are in place and the attraction is up to code. Loose mirrors, no stair railing, or protrusions like nails can all lead to an accident.

Haunted House Injury Claims & Assumed Risk

Stepping onto a roller coaster, strapping into a para-glider, or entering a dark, creaking haunted house all have a level of assumed risk. It would be difficult (but not impossible) to win a lawsuit or civil action against a haunted house if visitors suffered from anxiety attacks or emotional trauma. The key point is that the injury proves that the premises are unsafe or the injury is the result of the owner being negligent.

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