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The IVC filter lawsuit attorneys of The Dixon Injury Firm understand how devastating the failure of an IVC filter can be. We are prepared to fight on your behalf to ensure that you receive the justice and compensation you deserve after developing negative and debilitating side effects from an IVC filter failure. When you started using an IVC filter, you did so because you believed it would help a blood clot in your legs or pelvis, but the IVC filter didn’t help. In fact, it made the situation worse because now you are suffering from its side effects as well, and you need legal assistance to make things right.

Attorney Christopher R. Dixon and our St. Louis IVC filter lawsuit lawyers are committed to providing the greatest level of legal guidance. Christopher R. Dixon is recognized as a Top 100 Trial lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association and a Life-Time Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. In other words, our team should be your first choice!

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Why Do IVC Filters Fail?

A study by Dr. William Nicholson in Pennsylvania conducted follow up appointments with 80 patients who previously had IVC filters implanted. His findings were disturbing.

They found that IVC filter fragmentation and embolization occurred in:

  • 25% of those who used the Bard Recovery filter
  • 12% of those who sued the Bard G2 filter
  • Fractures generally occurred roughly 37 months after implantation

Experts estimate that nearly 7,000 Americans have unknown fragmentation that could cause serious problems at any time, without warning. One of the patients in the study died suddenly after completing the study, likely from the relatively minor chest pain and heart problems he was experiencing. The study concluded that the potential for fracture was directly related to the time that the IVC filter remained in the body.

Lawsuits Allege Big Pharma Negligence

Several lawsuits have alleged that the IVC manufacturers knew or should have known about the potential dangers of IVC filters, particularly as a long-term solution. Several multidistrict litigation IVC filter lawsuits are currently pending across the United States. The cases allege that the devices are dangerous and that patients and medical professionals were not adequately warned of these dangers.

In fact, in one case against Bard, there is evidence that Bard’s research indicated that there was an unreasonable danger to patients of device fracture. Bard allegedly did not show the results of this study to the FDA nor do anything to correct the potential issues. Instead, they continued to sell and market the potentially defective device while they designed a new, more effective version. This desire to place profits ahead of public safety is unacceptable.

If you or a loved one has an IVC filter implanted, it is best to speak to a medical professional about the risk associated with keeping the device in your body. If your heightened risk of PE has passed, it may be time to remove the device. Talk to your doctor about the specifics.

How Can a Lawyer Help My IVC Filter Case?

Drug companies are massive and powerful corporations that can lobby members of Congress on their behalf to get medicines and equipment like IVC filters approved by the FDA. Taking on these companies by yourself can be a daunting endeavor, but when you have a St. Louis IVC filter lawsuit attorney on your side, the fight becomes more winnable. The laws surrounding how IVC filters are made, the clinical trials that must be used to prove they are effective and safe, and how the IVC filters are marketed can be confusing because they are often purposely made so. When pharmaceutical companies and health insurance companies write the laws that are supposed to govern drugs and equipment, they write the laws so that they are protected from most types of lawsuits, and so that they can reap as much profit as possible. The average St. Louis and Missouri citizens will not know these laws and won’t be able to effectively use them to fight an IVC filter lawsuit case of this level. This is why hiring a lawyer with experience in trying IVC Filter lawsuit cases is so important.

The IVC filter lawsuit attorneys with The Dixon Injury Firm are prepared to take on the massive drug and health corporations and ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

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We have years of experience litigating defective drug and health equipment cases, and we can use the knowledge we’ve built from these cases to successfully combat the major drug and pharmaceutical companies. When you choose our St. Louis IVC filter lawsuit attorneys, you are choosing a team with a proven success record. As your legal champions, we will not rest until your case ends with the best possible outcome and compensation amount.

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