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Helping Injured Airline Workers in Complex Workers’ Compensation Claims

The airline industry consists of tens of thousands of workers throughout the United States. With this many employees, as well as various union and federal involvement, it’s important for airline workers to understand their rights. One of these rights is the right to work with an airline injury attorney in the event of an on-the-job or work-related injury.

At The Dixon Injury Firm, our St. Louis airline injury lawyers are prepared to handle any airline employee workers’ compensation claim, whether it involves an aircraft crash or a sprained limb incurred while working a baggage cart. If you were injured in your airline job, we can help you seek fair compensation and the benefits you are owed.

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Are Airline Workers Entitled to Workers’ Compensation?

Airline employees in Missouri (and throughout the United States) are entitled to workers’ compensation when they are injured on the job or while carrying out duties related to their work. Workers’ compensation benefits generally include both disability and medical benefits, among additional types of compensation depending on the circumstances.

According to the NTSB, there are approximately 1,300 aircraft accident-related injuries and 450 fatalities every year. This doesn’t even take into account other, non-aircraft accident injuries airline or airport employees may suffer. Like other industries, airlines offer workers’ compensation to help injured parties reclaim medical costs, time lost from work, and other financial damages as a result of work-related injuries or the work-related death of a family member. Although this compensation is available to all workers, this does not mean that actually recovering your benefits will be easy. In fact, you could encounter numerous challenges when filing for and recovering workers’ compensation for airline accidents and injuries.

The St. Louis airline injury attorneys at The Dixon Injury Firm provide experienced legal counsel to clients and family members affected by work-related injuries or fatalities. It’s crucial when opening a workers’ compensation case to have a solid legal team on your side—turn to our highly respected and proven legal team.

What Are Standard Airline Injury Accident Claims?

The airline industry consists of numerous different facets and components, including aircraft, mechanics, security, restaurant workers, baggage carriers, flight attendants, pilots, and countless others. As a result, there are nearly innumerable types of airline accidents and injuries, all of which can be cause for workers’ compensation claims. To that end, there is really no “standard” airline injury claim. However, certain incidents, accidents, and injuries occur more frequently than others.

Below are just a few examples of fairly common airline-related injury claims:

  • Flight attendants experiencing back injuries as a result of lifting baggage
  • Knee, shoulder, and back injuries suffered by baggage handlers
  • Airport vehicle accidents, including tarmac and in-airport accidents
  • Repetitive stress injuries for office workers (carpal tunnel syndrome, overuse injuries, etc.)
  • Maintenance-related accidents for mechanics (burns, toxic exposure, crushed appendages, etc.)
  • Emotional trauma and stress for workers involved in aircraft crashes

What You Need to Know About Airline Injury Workers’ Compensation Claims

The St. Louis airline accident lawyers at The Dixon Injury Firm have a firm understanding of Missouri workers’ compensation law and are prepared to help you navigate the legal process. When it comes to seeking workers’ compensation for an airline-related injury, there are lots of factors to consider.

Here are a few general workers’ compensation legalities to keep in mind:

  • Benefits depends on the severity of the accident. A fatal or life-debilitating injury (resulting in the inability to being unable to work again compared to a few months off) are different. Did you/your loved one suffer a total or partial disability? Is the disability temporary or permanent? These and other factors will make a difference in the type of benefits you can claim.
  • As in other types of work-related injury cases, statutes of limitations apply to airline injury claims. In general, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a workers’ compensation claim in Missouri. It’s important to speak to an attorney as soon as you can to avoid missing your time to file a claim and to help maximize compensation and benefits to assist with medical bills, lost time, and other losses.
  • Workers’ compensation evolved alongside workplace lawsuits. If you agree to workers’ compensation, you typically forego the right to sue your employer for negligence. In exchange, you receive compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and other costs. However, if someone other than your employer was liable for the accident, you could file a third-party work injury claim.

How The Dixon Injury Firm Can Help

If you or someone you love was injured in an on-the-job airline accident, the first thing to do after obtaining adequate medical treatment is to find a professional airplane injury lawyer to help you with your case. Based in St. Louis, our airline accident attorneys are more than ready to take your case in full stride. We can assist you in securing ongoing medical treatment, reporting the accident, collecting materials, and handling other critical aspects of your claim.

Our founding attorney, Christopher Dixon, has been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer. He knows how challenging workers’ compensation cases can be. Because of this, The Dixon Injury Firm offers a contingency payment system. This means that you do not owe any upfront costs when you hire our team. Instead, we bill a percentage of the settlement only when we win your case.

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