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Company Doctor Claims

St. Louis Workers’ Comp Lawyers Assisting Victims of Substandard Medical Care

When an employee is injured on the job or due to work-related conditions in Missouri, he or she is generally entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a system that provides certain benefits to injured or ill workers in exchange for them waiving their right to sue their employers. These benefits typically cover medical treatment and related costs, as well as temporary and permanent partial and total wage replacement.

Missouri employers are permitted to dictate which doctor you may see after a work-related injury. When this occurs, the treating physician is known as the company doctor. Company doctors are required to provide patients with the same standard of care that any other qualified medical professional could be reasonably expected to provide—but this doesn’t always happen.

If you received substandard or inadequate care from a company doctor after a work-related or on-the-job injury, you could be entitled to file a company doctor malpractice claim. The Dixon Injury Firm can help you understand your legal rights and advocate for your best interests.

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Examples of Employer-Provided Physician Malpractice

Company doctor claims typically involve insufficient treatment and care from employer-provided treating physicians. Just like other medical malpractice claims, these cases are often very complex and difficult to prove. You will need to show that the treating physician picked out by your employer failed to provide you with the generally accepted standard of care. This is not the same as merely showing that your condition did not improve or that you did not heal fully; rather, you must prove that the company doctor was somehow negligent or acted wrongfully and that this led to further harm.

Some examples of company doctor malpractice may include:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of your work-related injury or illness
  • Failure to provide adequate treatment
  • Delayed treatment
  • Negligent follow-up care
  • Medication mistakes, including administering the wrong medication and/or dosage

One thing that makes these types of claims so complex is the fact that they are not actually medical malpractice cases but, rather, they fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation. If you receive substandard care from a company doctor, you will most likely not sue the doctor but seek benefits from your employer via workers’ compensation. These benefits may be necessary when a company doctor’s failure to timely diagnose and treat your condition causes the injury to worsen, leaving you totally disabled or permanently unable to return to work.

How The Dixon Injury Firm Can Help

If you were injured on the job or developed a work-related illness, you may be entitled to request to see your own primary care physician for treatment. In some instances, your employer may grant this request, or they may deny it and instead have you see a company doctor. In any case, you deserve proper medical care that meets all applicable industry standards. When this doesn’t happen, you could be entitled to seek additional benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

Our St. Louis company doctor claims attorneys understand the many intricacies and nuances inherent in these types of claims. We have helped countless injured workers in the St. Louis area obtain the maximum benefits they were owed under their employers’ workers’ compensation policies. To date, our firm has recovered more than $50 million for our clients.

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