Can I Sue My Dentist for Nerve Damage?

If you underwent a dental procedure, such as a root canal or dental implant, but afterward you have more pain than before the procedure or loss of sensation, you could have nerve damage caused by your dentist’s negligence. In most cases, dental malpractice victims can sue their dentist for nerve damages and recover a dental nerve damage settlement in Missouri. Speak to a St. Louis medical malpractice attorney about your case to determine if your eligible for compensation.

Common Dental Procedures That Cause Nerve Damage

Dentistry procedures are supposed to alleviate a person’s dental pain, not make it worse. However, sometimes, a dentist’s negligence can cause or aggravate a patients’ condition and result in nerve damage. Dental nerve damage can cause severe and chronic tooth pain, and in some cases, cause numbness, tingling, and total loss of sensation in a specific part of a person’s mouth, such as their chin, lips, or gums. The most common dental procedures that cause nerve damage include:

  • Root Canals
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Dental Implant Procedures
  • Improper Anesthesia

It’s essential to keep in mind that if you experience pain after a dental procedure, this doesn’t automatically grant you grounds to sue your dentist. If you have worsening pain after dental treatment, it’s in your best interest to document your injuries (dental records, a second opinion from another dentist) and consult with a Missouri Dental Nerve Damage Attorney about the likelihood of suing for nerve damage.

Is a Dentist Liable for Nerve Damage?

If a dentist doesn’t diagnose Periodontal Disease, or drills too deeply during an implant, this could cause nerve damage and other irreversible harm. But, in other cases, dental pain after a procedure might not be related to dental malpractice.

For example, if you visit the dentist for wisdom teeth removal, but during the procedure, your dentist determines it’s in your best interest to book another appointment for removal of several non-wisdom teeth, but you have nerve pain between appointments, you’d be ineligible to sue your dentist. If a dentist identifies your condition and suggests treatment at a later date, aren’t liable for your damages. However, if the dentist ignored ongoing symptoms and didn’t recommend further treatment, you could be able to sue your dentist for malpractice.

Dental Nerve Damage Settlements in Missouri

There are two different types of nerves in a person’s mouth: lingual and inferior alveolar. If a person suffers damage to their lingual nerves during a dental procedure, this could cause permanent damage to the lower mouth, such as feeling in the lips, tongue, and gums. Similarly, when inferior alveolar nerves are damaged, this could cause severe loss of feeling in the mouth, but can also cause issues in the canines or incisors, which are connected to the inferior alveolar.

If you have nerve damage from a dental procedure and have copies of dental records and proof of the dentist’s negligence, you could recover compensation by hiring an experienced lawyer to represent your case. Typically, dental nerve damage settlements in Missouri include compensation for medical bills (treatment of injury, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication, medical accessories required while healing), pain and suffering (mental, physical, and emotional distress linked to nerve damage), lost wages (any loss of income that occurred while recovering from injuries or undergoing treatment for nerve damage is eligible for recovery), and other damages.

Speak with a St. Louis Nerve Damage Lawyer Now

If you are thinking about bringing a nerve damage settlement in St. Louis against your dentist, you need an attorney representing your case. Dentists, like medical doctors, have protocols in place to protect themselves in the event of malpractice claims. Without a Missouri Nerve Damage Lawyer by your side, it can be challenging to recover full compensation for your claim without knowledge of Missouri’s personal injury and malpractice laws or to defend your case against the dentist’s insurance agents.

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