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Life after a serious accident often leaves victims and families in a state of disbelief and struggle. Personal injuries and deaths ripple across every aspect of life. Finances are thrown into chaos, medical expenses mount, futures are altered, and lives are devastated. Christopher Dixon founded The Dixon Injury Firm for the sole purpose of helping injury victims and the loved ones of those wrongfully killed through this unimaginable time.

About Injury Lawyer Christopher R. Dixon

Chris Dixon, of The Dixon Injury Firm in STL

Complex injury cases often involve the necessity of expert witnesses to express issues of medical causation, liability, and damages. As an experienced personal injury trial attorney, Christopher Dixon has gained the contacts and knowledge required to succeed at trial. This success has helped countless injury victims return to a financially secure life after suffering life-altering injuries.

The Dixon Injury Firm focuses on bringing its capabilities to clients throughout St. Louis and Missouri. For more information, you can contact us for a free consultation or to learn more about our practice areas.

Chris Dixon – Founder & Managing Attorney

Chris Dixon, of the Dixon Injury Firm

I pride myself on tirelessly fighting for the injury victims who continuously trust me with their cases. It is an honor to serve and a passion that drives my existence.

After you or a loved one experiences a personal injury accident, you will face numerous uncertainties. What is a personal injury attorney? Do I even need an attorney? Who should I contact, and when? What will happen to my job? How will I support my family? Is there enough insurance coverage available to address my injury? The injury lawyers at The Dixon Injury Firm are continuously working to ensure you have answers to all your questions.

The reality of today’s economic landscape puts the interests of large corporate insurance companies in direct odds with those of a single injured person. Large profits in the insurance industry are possible only through the denial and underpayment of claims. It takes experience and confidence to face the unlimited corporate funding of large insurance companies. The Dixon Injury Firm levels the playing field and provides injury victims a place to turn for help.

Our personal injury attorneys in St. Louis provide legal services to struggling individuals and their families. This includes workers’ compensation, personal injury, car accidents, and other claims. We believe in bringing our knowledge to the table to ensure a victory.