I have had the best experience with Chris Dixon. He's a great lawyer and most of all, a great listener. He treats you more like family than a client. That's why I will be his client for life. He's always calls and checks on me and my family. Chris Dixon's passion for his clients has exceeded My expectations.

- Clarence O

I want to deeply thank you for sticking with me and helping me with my ongoing case these past few years. I truly appreciate the outstanding work you've done and how easy you made it for me throughout the occurrence. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know needing help... Best wishes!

- Gretchen W

I highly recommend Chris Dixon to anyone dealing with a personal injury case. He was there every step of the way, he was prompt and easy to get a hold of at any time during this process. He is very educated and highly skilled in his field and helped me receive the best medical attention possible. If you're looking for the best personal injury in St. Louis, look no further. Chris Dixon, in my eyes, is the best!

- Ryan B

Chris is an extremely talented and intelligent lawyer. His ability to tackle the most challenging of cases, and win them, is second to none. He works tirelessly for his clients and consistently provides an unparalleled level of commitment to his clients' needs and best interests. Any potential client who is considering Chris Dixon as their attorney should not hesitate to seize the opportunity to hire this exceptional lawyer.

- Ryan K

We hired Chris after a car accident in St. Louis. Chris immediately took all of our concerns away. While this process was extremely unfamiliar, we felt informed and in control. With Chris’ help, our personal injury settlement was much more than I thought the insurance company would pay. If you ever need an accident attorney, I would recommend you call Chris.

- Brian T

Chris has been diligently working as a personal injury lawyer in St. Louis Missouri for several years. I have seen great things from him as a lawyer, both in case results and dedication to personal service to his clients. I would recommend Chris for any complex injury case and put him up against the big insurance companies any day!

- Stephen S

Mr. Dixon goes out of his way to stay in contact with clients and keep them informed. He will answer his phone and emails at all hours of the day and night to keep his injured clients up to date on their case and on their potential settlement. From the very beginning, he gives an honest opinion and honest legal advice, evaluating the true worth of your case. I would recommend him over any other lawyer in Missouri.

- Julie G

Many emails and calls were exchanged, and Chris always responded promptly and was always courteous. He always asked how Jacob was doing healthwise and we appreciated that simple act of kindness. Chris always took the time to explain the process as we went through each stage up to finalizing the settlement. It took so much stress off of us knowing he was taking care of "behind the scenes" stuff with insurance companies.

- Todd & Lisa F

The Dixon Injury Firm is amazing! They work incredibly hard to make a confusing process much easier after an accident. Keeping their clients informed about every aspect of the case is probably what I like the most. I highly recommend their personal injury lawyers!

- Julia D

Chris is a great person and attorney. He did a great job of keeping me informed and updated me every step of the way. He answered phone calls and texts in a timely manner. I would and have referred him to others!

- Amela S

Mr. Dixon was very professional and courteous. I felt that he was really involved in helping us and not motivated by financial gain. I would absolutely refer him to everyone I know who is in need of his services. Thank you, Chris, for ensuring we received just compensation for our losses.

- Sharmine S

I appreciate Christopher Dixon. Throughout this process, I've found him to be honest and caring. It was evident that he was focused on ensuring I was appropriately compensated. But it was not about the money. His focus was ensuring that this case was handled in a just manner.

- Rita J

The Dixon Injury Firm took on my case (out of state) after I had been struggling with the insurance companies for over a year. Chris called or emailed me with updates quickly. The Dixon Injury Firm got to work immediately and settled 2 cases. They worked hard to get me maximum settlements and succeeded. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to receive top results.

- Courtney H

The Dixon Law Firm represented me in a vehicular rollover. Christopher Dixon went to battle with the insurance company to get me the top of what I needed for my pain and suffering and medical expenses. Very prompt and informative. Highly recommended.

- Vicky H

Chris is one of the top injury attorneys in St. Louis. I have worked side by side with him for many years. He has mastered the art of handling personal injury cases from start to finish.

- John P

I came to visit Missouri from Alabama & was involved in a wreck. I was assisted step by step in everything. They are extremely helpful & knowledgeable! I highly recommend them!

- Brandon P

The best car accident lawyer in St. Louis is Chris Dixon. After my car crash in St. Louis, the insurance company for the other driver called me constantly trying to offer me a few hundred dollars to go away. I refused to accept anything since I was just beginning treatment. I had no idea what my future held. Once I hired Chris, the insurance company immediately changed its tone. It was truly a different experience and all the harassing calls stopped. I was kept informed at every stage of the case and received a great settlement for my car accident when my treatment was complete. I will never again try to deal with the insurance companies on my own. The insurance company understands that since I am not a lawyer, they can make whatever ridiculous offer they want, and I either have to accept it or try to file a lawsuit on my own. These insurance companies are simply trying to make money by refusing to pay what is owed to people hurt in car accidents. I highly recommend Chris if you ever need a St. Louis personal injury lawyer.

- David D

After our son was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, our main concern was getting him the best care possible to ensure his recovery. After a couple of months of focusing on this, it was time to start concentrating on making sense of all the bills and dealing with the insurance companies. We had done some research into dealing with the hospitals, our auto insurance, the other driver’s auto insurance, our health insurance...it was daunting. Then we were introduced to The Dixon Injury Firm. Chris came to our house and immediately made us feel more relaxed about the whole process. He was knowledgeable, confident and most importantly, compassionate. He made our son feel like he was the only client that mattered. Throughout the entire process, Chris kept in constant contact, letting us know what steps he was taking and the progress he was making. When we had questions, they were answered quickly. He was able to minimize the bills and maximize the settlement. I f you ever need an injury attorney - we would VERY HIGHLY recommend Chris Dixon.

- D. Johns

Chris Dixon is one of the best St. Louis personal injury lawyers I have worked with. He is constantly working harder to better himself as an attorney and as a person. His knowledge and expertise in the field of personal injury law are extensive. I have seen him recover amazing settlement results time and time again for his clients. Not only is he hardworking in his field of law, but also in his personal life, constantly educating himself and striving to become a better individual. Chris does a great job of working with his clients and I have seen injury clients praise him for the settlement results he recovers in their cases. I have had an opportunity to work with Chris for several years now and have learned a lot from his work ethic and dedication to his passion for law. His skillful and aggressive representation in the personal injury field has led him to become well respected in the community. Chris does a great job of keeping open lines of communication between himself and his injury clients so they stay well informed during every step of their case. Additionally, his charitable work in the community through the St. Louis Suit Project has positively changed the lives of many deserving individuals in need. I recommend Chris Dixon to everyone I encounter who needs assistance with serious personal injuries and will continue to do so. He is truly an all-around inspiring individual.

- Brian D

If you’ve been in an accident caused by someone else and need the assistance of a personal injury attorney, I would enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend Chris Dixon. From the moment you meet Chris, you’ll know that you have found a compassionate and relentless advocate, someone who is willing to fight for you through every step of the legal process. Chris is tough—unafraid to go up against the self-serving interests of big insurance—in order to secure the compensation you need. It’s hard enough—really, exhausting and overwhelming—to manage the personal side of a tragic loss, but when you and/or a loved one has been physically injured, you need a top trial lawyer like Chris on your side to make sure that you receive the maximum amount for all the pain and suffering you’ve endured. Some personal injury firms make their money by handling a high volume of cases, representing lots and lots of clients, not unlike an assembly line. No way do they have the time to give your case the personalized time and attention it requires. If they only recover a small or even moderate amount for your losses, their attitude is: “oh well, there are 100 more cases waiting in the wings”. That’s not Chris’ practice model because it goes against everything he believes and the values his law firm stands for. Chris believes that each case deserves his undivided time and attention because each represents a person who has entrusted him with the awesome responsibility of making sure that their tragic losses are not minimized or ever forgotten. If you need a top accident lawyer, call Chris Dixon. I’ve seen the amazing results of his work: you’ll be in the best of hands.

- Lyn P