Who Pays When You Sue In a Car Accident?

Whether it is a fender bender accident or a multiple-car pileup, car accidents seriously impact victims. Car accident victims can suffer serious injuries that can permanently affect their bodies for the rest of their lives. Victims are also at risk of suffering from severe mental… read more

Who Is Liable—The Car Owner or Driver?

Determining who is at fault in a car accident is complex and challenging. There is no disrespect to you or a loved one as the victim, but it is probably a job only a car accident attorney can handle. You never know how many parties… read more

What Can Families Do After a Trucking Accident Fatality?

You never want to receive the news that an immediate family member died in a truck crash. This call will undoubtedly alter your future, not only causing overwhelming grief but also potential financial concerns. While your loved one is no longer here to seek compensation… read more

What Are the Types of Injuries Suffered in Trucking Accidents?

Since semi-trucks are much bigger and weigh more than anything else on the road, accidents involving them can be disastrous. These accidents can cause severe damage to whatever and whoever they strike. Hence, truck accident injuries are much more potent than car-on-car accidents. Seek the… read more

Can I Hold Trucking Companies Liable for Truck Mechanical Failures?

Driving a truck is difficult, even under the best circumstances. These are very large vehicles that can weigh up to 80,000 fully loaded. Even a problem with one tire can cause the truck driver to lose control of the vehicle, causing a potential rollover accident…. read more

Do I Have a Legal Claim for Medical Errors?

Some people have a natural fear when it comes to medical care. Some patients do whatever they can to avoid being seen by doctors, while others faint at the sight of blood. In any case, the news of medical malpractice lawsuits does not soothe the… read more

How Our Lawyers Handle an Allstate Injury Claim?

Known as the second-largest personal insurance company in the United States, it is no surprise that Allstate has a reputation for placing its drivers “in good hands.” Unfortunately, those “good hands” do not extend to car accident victims. When it comes to drivers injured in… read more

How Much Money Can a Passenger in a Car Accident Get?

There is always an additional element of helplessness for passengers in a car accident. Not only are they at the mercy of the driver operating the vehicle, but many wonder if they can file a compensation claim. The simple answer to this question is yes…. read more

How Long Should You Be Sore After a Car Accident?

Car accidents have severe potential to be physically devastating for victims. After all, they are traumatic events. It is no wonder you may feel sore. It is natural if you can’t help but think about when the soreness will go away. You can feel tender… read more

Can I Get a Settlement for a Car Accident Without a Lawyer?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 5.5 million car accidents happen annually. From these car accidents, nearly 3 million injuries occur. If you are the victim of a car accident, many factors require your attention. Your main priority is recovering from your… read more

Will My Health Insurance Cover my Car Accident Injuries?

One of the biggest concerns for accident victims is who will pay for their accident injuries and medical bills. If you have both car and health insurance, you might assume that you can use them interchangeably to pay your medical bills. While you can use… read more

When Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Missouri?

An accident scene can quickly grow chaotic, and all you want to do is forget that this entire ordeal happened. Unfortunately, the consequences of the accident can stay with you for months and maybe years to come. At the same time, you may not want… read more

When Should I Call a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Whether big or small, a car accident can be a traumatizing experience. You may be unsure of what to do next. Your primary concern should be to obtain medical attention. Next, you will need to call a lawyer. You must adhere to a strict statute… read more

When Is Too Late to Hire a Lawyer for a Car Accident Claim?

While the best time to call a lawyer is immediately following an accident, this does not mean that you lose your rights if you wait a long time. While waiting years to speak with an attorney is ill-advised, this does not mean that you cannot… read more

Can I Sue My Dentist for Nerve Damage?

If you underwent a dental procedure, such as a root canal or dental implant, but afterward you have more pain than before the procedure or loss of sensation, you could have nerve damage caused by your dentist’s negligence. In most cases, dental malpractice victims can… read more

What to Do After a Car Accident: Checklist?

Car accidents happen every day throughout the country. While many accidents can seem minor, they may come with complex topics to address, such as medical treatment and getting a new car. You might assume that there is nothing you can do to prevent an accident… read more

What Is Wrongful Death?

The death of a loved one is an immeasurable loss that no one should have to suffer. If your loved one died due to the negligent actions of another party, you might be eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This claim holds negligent parties… read more

Do I Need to Call a Lawyer After a Truck T-bone Accident?

Some of the most catastrophic and harrowing accidents on the road are T-Bone accidents, also known as side-impact accidents. These accidents happen when one vehicle collides with another on the broadside. This impact causes a T shape between the two vehicles. You will often see… read more

Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Minor Car Accident?

Car accidents happen at any time, and while not predictable, they are typically preventable. If you are in a minor car accident, you may not believe you need to hire a car accident attorney. If you received injuries in a car accident, however, even if… read more

PTSD From a Car Accident

A car accident can cause trauma. It is not uncommon for victims to suffer physically and emotionally after an accident. Even a minor accident can lead to severe emotional trauma, and individuals react to trauma differently. Some people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which generally… read more

How to Find the Best Car Accident Lawyer for You?

After a car accident, you are thrown for a loop and are often left to wonder what you need to do next. You may have sustained injuries and losses that have affected your day-to-day life. You should receive compensation for that. You can get justice… read more

How Much to Expect From a Car Crash Settlement in Missouri?

After a car crash, it is common to wonder how much your case may be worth and if you deserve compensation. There is no precise amount that you are entitled to after an accident, and several different factors determine how much you can recover. The… read more

How Much Do Lawyers Charge for Auto Accident Claims?

Many accident victims are apprehensive about hiring a lawyer for auto accidents. This concern is often due to the costs they assume are associated with hiring an Auto accident attorney. While there are costs related to auto accident claims, they may not be as much… read more

Can I Sue After an Auto Accident in Missouri?

An auto accident can happen at any moment across the state. This frequency means there are new injury victims every day. You will need to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. While this may sound like the insurance company will… read more

Can I Sue After a Car Accident for Whiplash?

Several injuries can result from a car accident, and one of the most common is whiplash. While many believe this injury is not severe, it can lead to substantial medical bills for treatment. Whiplash happens when the neck stretches to maximum capacity and then snaps… read more

How Much Is a Car Accident Claim Worth?

The destruction that a car accident leaves can be overwhelming. Accident victims often wonder if they will ever recover physically or financially after an accident. While it can take some time to recover physically, financial compensation may be available through a car accident claim. The… read more

When It Is Worth Getting a Car Accident Lawyer?

If another driver’s negligence injures you in a car accident, you may wonder if it’s worth hiring a car accident lawyer. Traffic crashes are overwhelming, and the thought of hiring a lawyer may seem like an additional step that you’d prefer to avoid. However, the… read more

What Is the Most Common Cause of Death in a Car Accident?

Some injuries from car accidents are fatal, and many collisions and injuries can end in tragedy. If someone you love died in a crash because of a driver’s negligence, you should contact an experienced car accident attorney about your family’s options. What Is the Most… read more

What Is Considered a T-Bone Car Accident?

T-bone car accidents are one of many types of traffic collisions. They often happen due to distracted drivers or those who run red lights. If a negligent driver leaves you injured in a T-bone accident, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced car… read more

What Is Considered a Rollover Car Accident?

Rollovers are terrifying car accidents that often cause severe injuries. A car can turn over for many reasons, with other drivers or parties to blame. If another driver leaves you or someone you love injured in a rollover accident, speak with an experienced car accident… read more