Could Your Back Pain Signal Something Worse?

If you were recently in a car crash and woke up one morning with back pain, you’re not alone. Car crashes account for about 40% of back and spinal cord injuries in the U.S. What many don’t realize is that back pain isn’t the only sign of a spinal injury, and these other symptoms could signal something much worse.

Signs of a Back Injury

A back injury doesn’t necessarily manifest as back pain. The spine sends signals to the rest of your body; a spinal injury may disrupt those signals and result in some unexpected symptoms such as:

  • Back pain
  • Stiffness in the torso
  • Difficulty standing or getting out of bed
  • Muscle spasm across the body
  • Numbness or “asleep” feeling in hands or feet
  • Radiating pain around buttocks and thighs

If you were recently in a car crash and experience any of these symptoms, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. A doctor is best equipped to conduct a thorough examination and identify the full extent of your injuries.

Car Crash Back Injuries

There are many types of back injuries that can result from a car crash, each with unique symptoms and treatment plans. Some of the more specific injuries include:

Soft Tissue Injuries: This means your back muscles were strained or torn. This is more likely if you experience stiffness, tenderness, or swelling.

Herniated Disc: The force from a car crash is so great that it can sometimes cause a spinal disc to move out of place. As you move about, the herniated disc may pinch against your nerves, which can cause sharp pain as well as the numbness and spasms described above.

Fractures: In rare cases, your spinal discs may crack or fracture. These injuries are often excruciating and typically require that the injured person restrict their movement and seek emergency medical attention.

Spinal Cord Injury: Sometimes, a crash is so powerful that it causes your bones to push against your spinal cord, potentially bruising it or lacerating it. A spinal cord injury is a catastrophic injury and a medical emergency that warrants calling an ambulance immediately. If you ever experience numbness or have difficulty moving your arms or legs after a car crash, restrict your movement as much as possible and wait for an ambulance to arrive. Paramedics are best equipped to move you safely without causing additional injuries.

Seeking Justice

If you experienced a life-changing back injury in a car crash, you have the right to pursue justice. A skillful attorney with experience handling catastrophic injury cases can evaluate all of the evidence, start your claim, and help you pursue the full damages you are entitled to under the law.

If you or someone you love suffered catastrophic injuries in a car crash, we are here for you. If you’d like to schedule a free case consultation with an experienced St. Louis auto injury attorney from The Dixon Injury Firm, don’t hesitate to send us an email or call (314) 208-2808.