Dog Bite Stats in Missouri

Every year, more than 4.5 million people are injured in dog bite accidents. In 2016, in the state of Missouri, there were 2,700 cases of dog bite injuries reported to insurance companies, the most common being head and face injuries, and most involving dog breeds with high bite rates.

Most Common Dog Breeds Involved in Dog Bite Accidents in Missouri

While all dogs have the potential to be dangerous, there are several dog breeds that are more likely than others to be involved in a dog bite accident in Missouri. According to a study done by, the dog breeds that have the highest dog bite rate include the following breeds that have been labeled as “dangerous dogs”:

  • Pit Bulls – 82% of dog bite fatalities that occurred in 2018 were caused by Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers – Rottweilers have the third-highest death rate of all dog breeds
  • Mastiffs – 6% of dog bite fatalities in 2018 involved Mastiffs/Bullmastiffs

Dog bite accidents have become such a problem in Missouri, that some cities and counties have adopted breed-specific dog bite laws, primarily involving Pit Bulls, American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, and Mastiffs. The most common dangerous dog breed ordinances in Missouri include banning residents from owning specific breeds, sterilization of certain dog breeds, and declaring certain breeds as “dangerous” or “vicious.” Breed-specific dog bite laws are designed to reduce the number of dog bite accidents in an area and raise awareness of the issue to residents, but can’t entirely prevent all dog bite accidents.

Dog Bite Lawsuits in Missouri

The primary victims of dog bite accidents are children under the age of 9, and adults over the age of 28. In December, a 2-year-old girl was severely injured in Normandy, MO, while visiting her great-grandmother’s house. According to authorities, the dog knocked the young girl and her cousin to the ground, bit the 2-year-olds face, and then ran away. In another dog bite accident, an elderly man was attacked by his neighbor’s dog, and sustained critical injuries to his face, arms, back, and neck, before suffering a heart attack from the stress of the accident.

If you are involved in a dog bite accident, it’s essential to gather information about the dog, such as its breed, size, and markings, get examined by a doctor, call the police, and hire a lawyer to represent your case. Dog bite injuries can worsen over time if they aren’t immediately taken care of, and if an accident isn’t reported immediately after it happens, this leaves the door open for the dog to harm someone else. A dog bite lawyer can offer support during this challenging time and do everything in their power to recover compensation for your injuries from the dog’s negligent owner.

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