Is a Dog Owner Covered By Insurance?

Every insurance policy is different, but most homeowners’ insurance policies offer coverage if another person suffers from dog bite injuries on the policy owner’s property. However, this can vary from policy to policy and the circumstances of each case. If you have been injured in a dog bite accident, and are unsure if the dog owner is covered by insurance, it’s crucial to the outcome of your case to hire an experienced lawyer and find out what options are available for recovering compensation from the dog’s liable owner.

Are Dog Owners Require to Carry Insurance?

Nearly 1 in 5 people bitten by a dog requires medical attention. With such high odds, and approximately 4.5 million people involved in dog bite accidents every year, most of which occur at home or in the home of a family member or close friend, it’s wise for dog owners to have coverage in case an accident occurs on personal property, but it isn’t required.

In most states, if someone’s dog bites another person, while on public property or as a guest of the property owner, the owner is liable for any damages caused by the dog’s aggressive behavior. If the injured person in the accident documents the injuries caused by the aggressive dog, files a dog bite report, and a dog bite claim with the help of a lawyer, the dog’s owner is liable to compensate the victim for their injuries, whether they have insurance or not. If the dog owner isn’t covered by insurance, they are required to pay out of pocket for the victim’s harm and losses. If the dog’s owner refuses to compensate the victim, the injured party can file a lawsuit to recover compensation, which is often a lengthy and expensive process. Fortunately, if a dog’s owner does carry renters or homeowners insurance, and their dog bites someone, most homeowners insurance policies cover dog bite claims.

Filing a Dog Bite Claim Against Homeowners Insurance

Most dog bite injuries require medical treatment, which can be costly and stressful for victims and their family members. If the owner of the dog that caused the victim’s injuries is found liable in the accident and is required to compensate the injured person for medical expenses, or other losses, such as pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage, they might be able to file a claim against their homeowners’ insurance. In 2018, $675 million in dog bite damages were awarded to dog bite victims in the United States.

If, like the thousands of people that file dog bite claims against homeowners’ insurance every year, the owner of the dog that caused your dog bite can file a dog bite claim against their homeowners’ insurance, it’s still essential to keep in mind that each policy is different regarding dog bite coverage. For example, some homeowners’ insurance policies allow claims for incidents that don’t occur on the policy owner’s property, while others only offer coverage for accidents that happen on the insured property. And in other cases, though rare, some policies allow for trespassers to recover compensation for dog bite injuries that occurred while on private property.

With insurance policies varying significantly, it can be challenging to determine if a dog owner’s insurance policy will cover your damages, if you should accept a settlement negotiated outside of court, or file a lawsuit to recover compensation. Hiring an experienced lawyer to represent your dog bite case can quickly determine the options available to your case for recovering compensation, and can offer support throughout the process of filing a claim against the dog’s negligent owner.

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