How A Car Accident Attorney Makes Your Life Easier

When you’re in a car crash, it’s tempting to call the insurance company, accept their first offer, and try to get back to normal as quickly as possible. However, you may not realize that hiring a car accident attorney after a crash not only makes your life easier it could result in a more just settlement. 

How The Dixon Firm Takes the Stress Away 

When you hire a personal injury attorney to manage your case, you can rest a little easier. An attorney will collect the evidence, fill out the paperwork, and make the tough phone calls while you focus on rest and your recovery. When you hire an attorney, you won’t have to worry about pressure from the insurance company. 

Your attorney can also instruct you on important do’s and don’ts to follow after a car crash. The insurance company is looking for anything that might justify a lower settlement offer. Your attorney can give you the legal advice you need to avoid the insurance company’s tricks and traps.

How The Dixon Firm Help You Recover 

Data strongly suggests that the majority of people who make a successful personal injury claim do so with the help of an attorney. Not only that, but those who hire an attorney typically receive a significantly greater settlement than the few who successfully negotiate on their own. Critically, most personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay them anything until they recover damages. 

In some circumstances, this can extend to medical care as well. If you’re seriously injured and worried about how you’ll cover your medical bills, your attorney may be able to help you find a doctor offering ‘lien care,’ meaning they agree to wait for payment until your case is settled. 

With an attorney on your side, you can rest a little easier knowing that they’ll fight for a fair settlement, help you avoid the insurance company’s traps, and support you throughout your recovery. 

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