Who Can I Sue in a Burn Injury Lawsuit?

Burn injuries are often catastrophic and can affect not just the external site of injury, but internally, as well. If you were burned in an accident, and suffered nerve damage or scarring, by consulting a lawyer, you could sue your employer or the negligent driver in an accident by bringing a Missouri burn injury lawsuit.

Burn Degrees | St. Louis Burn Injury Lawyers

Burns vary significantly depending on several factors, including what caused them, what part of the body is affected, whether the area has been harmed before, the age and health of the victim, and if burns were treated right away. It’s essential to get examined by a medical professional immediately after an accident because some injuries aren’t immediately apparent and could set in and worsen over time. The three types of burns that a person can suffer include:

  • First-Degree – the most minor type of burn, 1st-degree burns, such as minor sunburns and kitchen burns, affect the outer part of a person’s body. 1st-degree burns cause temporary redness of the skin and pain that is treatable with medication
  • Second-Degree – there are three layers of skin, the epidermis, dermis, and underneath both of these, there is a layer of fat and tissue that protects a person’s internal bones, organs, etc. If a burn victim suffers 2nd-degree burns, this can cause severe pain, redness, blisters, and in the most serious cases, can result in permanent scarring
  • Third-Degree – the most severe level of burn, 3rd-degree burns affect both the first and second layer of skin, as well as the third layer, and can lead to nerve damage, loss of feeling, and other severe symptoms at the site of injury

Burns that affect a person’s face, chest, hands, feet, or back, can be severely painful and are the most likely to cause scarring, disfigurement, or loss of sensation in the area. After being injured in an accident caused by another person, it’s crucial to seek immediate medical treatment, file a police report, and document your injuries to protect yourself from additional harm.

Common Burn Injury Lawsuits in Missouri

A person’s skin is the largest part of their body. If an employee is burned at work, someone is severely burned in a car accident, or a defective product burns a consumer, there are several parties that could be liable for damages. The most common burn injury lawsuits in Missouri include:

  • Chemical burns
  • Motor vehicle accident burns
  • Defective product-related burn injuries
  • Intentional burns caused by another person’s violent behavior
  • Housefire burns

According to the American Burn Association, 96.7% of burn victims treated for injuries will survive, but often, will suffer severe scarring and life-altering injuries. In most cases, if someone suffers severe burns because of another person, they can recover compensation for present and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of consortium from the accident.

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Burn injuries account for approximately 180,000 deaths per year and primarily occur in the victim’s home or place of work. If you or someone you know suffered burns from a defective product, or another person’s negligence at work or home, you could sue the careless party by bringing a Burn Injury Claim in St. Louis.

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