Will a Dog Get Put Down If It Attacks Me?

Most of the time, if a dog attacks someone, it won’t be put down, but the legal ramifications for a dog bite attack can be severe for a dog’s owner; especially if the animal causes serious injury to the victim, or if the attack was fatal. If you are the victim of a dog attack and want more information on whether the dog will get put down for attacking you, or recoverable damages, an experienced lawyer can assess your situation, offer a potential outcome for your case, and do everything they can to ensure that you’re satisfied with the results of your dog bite claim.

Dangerous Dog Laws

Dog attacks are one of the most common types of animal injuries. Every year, approximately 9,500 people are hospitalized for severe dog bite injuries. In an effort to reduce the number of dog attacks that occur every year, most states have adopted “Dangerous Dog Laws” that place restrictions on certain types of “dangerous dogs,” and include strict consequences for owners of dangerous dogs.

The definition of a “dangerous dog” refers to an animal that has displayed aggressive behavior in the past, kills a human being, injures or kills another animal, or has been trained to fight by a past owner or “keeper.” While laws are different in each state, the consequences for owning a dangerous dog typically include paying fines, impoundment of the animal, strict requirements for continued ownership of the animal, and depending on the severity of the attack, and the state’s laws, putting the dog down for attacking someone unprovoked or without involving trespassing.

What Damages Can I Recover if a Dog Attacks Me?

Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are two of the most common “dangerous dog” breeds, and on average weigh around 60-80 pounds (Pit Bulls), and 80-135 pounds (Rottweilers). If you have suffered injuries in a dog attack involving an aggressive animal, you could be entitled to damages that were caused as a result of the incident. Generally, with proof of your injuries (medical report), evidence of the accident (photos, witnesses), and reports filed with both the police and Animal Control, with help from an experienced Dog Bite Lawyer, dog bite victims can recover compensation for the following types of damages:

  • Present and future medical expenses caused by the attack
  • Mental, physical, or emotional distress associated with the accident, including PTSD and chronic pain
  • Lost wages caused by the incident
  • If the victim’s cell phone, clothing, or other personal property is damaged during the attack
  • Dog bite injuries can affect many aspects of a victim’s life, including intimate relationships; if a victim’s spouse believes that there has been a loss of affection in their relationship since the attack, the spouse can claim loss of consortium

Talk to a Dog Bite Lawyer About Your Case Today

If you or someone you love is injured in a dog attack, and you need help determining what damages you can recover from the accident, or whether the dog will get put down for attacking you, it all comes down to having an experienced lawyer on your side. No one understands your state’s laws better than an attorney, or better understands the process of recovering compensation from the negligent party involved than an experienced lawyer.

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