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Hand, Wrist, & Finger Injury Settlements in St. Louis

If you have been injured in a workplace, motor vehicle, or other accident that caused hand, wrist, and finger damage, the pain associated with these injuries can be tremendous. If your hands, wrists, or fingers are injured, this can prevent you from performing your job, make it difficult to cook, clean, or drive, and cause a decrease in overall life satisfaction.

Christopher Dixon and the St. Louis hand, wrist, and finger injury lawyers at The Dixon Injury Firm can offer support during this painful time and ensure that you get the care you need. If you are ready to discuss your hand, wrist, and finger case with our injury lawyers in St. Louis, and determine what damages you are due from the negligent party, contact us today for a free case review or consultation.

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Common Hand, Wrist, & Finger Injury Settlements

Certain jobs require repetitive hand, wrist, and finger movements, such as those in the construction or baking industries. Carpal tunnel syndrome is common in labor-intensive jobs and can prevent employees from doing their job, and over time worsen until they can’t perform their job at all. Motor vehicle accidents and other types of personal injury accidents such as dog bite attacks and motorcycle accidents can also contribute or cause injury to a victim’s hands, wrists, and fingers.

The most common hand, wrist, and finger injury settlements include:

  • Carpal tunnel: Tingling, numbness, or pain in the hand, wrist, or fingers caused on the job that can cause frequent flare-ups and chronic pain
  • Tendon pain: Decreased hand, wrist, and finger strength, and reduced mobility that can worsen over time without physical therapy and other continuous treatment.
  • Fractures: Discomfort or pain caused by workplace accidents, repetitive job movements, and in nerve damage related to dog bite attacks
  • Broken bones: If a hand, wrist, or finger is broken in a workplace accident or personal injury accident, and the bone doesn’t heal properly, this can result in chronic hand, wrist, and finger pain.
  • Pulled muscles: If a hand, wrist, or finger muscle is pulled, this can increase the likelihood of the site being prone to damage in future accidents, and over time, without proper treatment, can lead to carpal tunnel and other permanent conditions.

Can I Sue for Hand, Wrist & Finger Injuries?

If you injured your hand, wrist, or finger while on the job, or in a car accident, it is crucial to have a physician examine and document your injuries. When filing a workers’ compensation claim, you must prove that a work-related injury or action caused your injuries; a medical report is compelling proof. During the examination, the physician will determine the severity of your injuries, when they occurred, and what caused the injuries, and document them in a report, which can prove the validity of your workers’ compensation claim. Without a detailed medical report, you’ll likely be denied a hand, wrist, and finger injury settlement through the workers’ compensation process. If you are approved for workers’ compensation benefits, you could recover a hand, wrist, and finger injury settlement based on your state’s disability policy. Typically, settlements range between two-thirds of your weekly wage (temporary partial disability) until you recover (subject to a time cap) or for the rest of your life (permanent disability).

The impact of a motor vehicle accident, or another personal injury, can result in severe hand, wrist, and finger injuries. If your finger was crushed, or you suffered nerve damage during an accident, it needs to be documented. It’s essential to get examined by a doctor immediately, file a police report that details what happened in the crash, why it happened, and what injuries each party sustained. Typically, with proof of injuries, evidence of the other party’s negligence, and a compelling claim, victims can recover full compensation for medical bills, physical therapy, medical accessories, medication, and other damages caused by severe hand, wrist, and finger injuries from the accident.

Regardless of what caused your injuries, it’s essential to consult an experienced lawyer about your case. Hiring an experienced injury lawyer in St. Louis to represent your personal injury case ensures that the other party won’t be able to take advantage of your vulnerability during this time and that your injuries are adequately documented in a strong claim.

Begin a Claim with Our Hand, Wrist & Finger Injury Lawyers in St. Louis

If you suffered unexpected medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of income, or loss of consortium after a workplace, car, or dog bite accident, you deserve compensation. Whether you need help recovering workers’ comp or a settlement from another liable party, The Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis hand, wrist, and finger injury settlement lawyers can make sure that you receive the most damages for your harm and losses. When you choose the Dixon Injury Firm to represent your case, you can be confident that our attorneys won’t stop fighting until a sizable settlement is recovered for your injuries.

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