What is the Average Settlement for a Fractured Nose?

If you have pain, bruising, or swelling around your eyes, cheekbones, or nose after a car accident, you might have a fractured nose. Nose injuries are common in car accidents, and while some are minor and heal with minimal treatment, other nose injuries, such as nose fractures and deviated septums, can be severely painful and come with long-lasting challenges, such as ongoing treatment, surgery, and medication.

Common Causes of Fractured Nose Claims in St. Louis

Nose fractures are most often caused in direct-impact accidents, such as car accidents, sports accidents, and workers’ compensation accidents. According to national workers’ compensation statistics from the National Safety Council, the most common workers’ compensation expense is motor vehicle accidents, with motor vehicle workers’ compensation claims averaging $78,293 in damages between 2016 and 2017.

One of the most commonly reported injuries in Missouri personal injury claims are nose fractures. Nose fracture injury claims in Missouri can include:

  • Blocked nasal passages and trouble breathing
  • Deviated septum
  • External nose or facial deformities
  • Prolonged swelling (septal hematoma), drainage (cerebrospinal fluid), bruising, or tenderness
  • Internal damage to nasal bones or cartilage

If you suffered a serious nose fracture in an accident, it’s essential to seek immediate medical treatment. Severe nose fractures are often accompanied by head injuries, neck injuries, or internal injuries, such as the internal ear, brain, or mouth, which can worsen the longer they go without treatment.

Fractured Nose Damages | St. Louis Fractured Nose Settlement Lawyers

If you were injured in a personal injury accident and suffered a broken nose or another fracture, you are probably wondering what the average settlement is for a fractured nose in St. Louis. When pursuing damages for a nose fracture or another broken bone, it’s crucial to keep several key factors in mind, such as Missouri’s fault laws, the value of your case, and the outlook of your injuries. If the other party is 100% at-fault in the accident that caused your nose fracture, there’s substantial evidence of your injuries and the damages you sustained from the accident, you could recover compensation for hospital bills, medication costs, missed work hours, and other damages with help from a St. Louis Fractured Nose Injury Lawyer.

Fractured Nose Injury Lawyers in Missouri

If you suffered physical, financial, emotional, or mental harm because of another person’s carelessness, you could be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering, but it’s essential to have the Dixon Injury Firm’s Missouri Nose Fracture Injury Lawyers by your side when fighting for your case.

The Dixon Injury Firm takes the time to get to know clients and is passionate about providing personalized legal advice to victims and their families during difficult times. Our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers’ number one priority is to make sure that you and your family are taken care of in the wake of an accident, and have the support you need to file a strong nose fracture injury claim in Missouri.

If you are ready to recover a high settlement for your St. Louis nose fracture claim, Christopher Dixon can be counted on to do everything in his power to recover the most damages for your case. For more information on how Chris Dixon and the Missouri Fracture Injury Claim Lawyers can help with your case, call (314) 208-2808 or contact the Dixon Injury Firm now.