What is a Torn Muscle Worth in a Workers Compensation Claim?

A torn muscle can significantly hinder an employee’s ability to perform daily responsibilities of their job and require extensive, ongoing surgery and physical therapy to treat in severe cases. Pursuing a Missouri workers’ compensation claim could help recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages that occurred because of a torn muscle injury at work.

Commonly Torn Muscles on the Job

If you suffered a torn arm, leg, or back muscle on the job, you could be entitled to damages from your employer, or another liable party. Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws require most full-time employers to carry workers compensation insurance if an employee becomes injured on the job, by the fault of another employee, faulty equipment, or the employer’s negligence. The most commonly reported muscle injuries in Missouri workers compensation claims to include the following:

  • Rotator Cuff Tears
  • Pulled Calf Muscles
  • Torn Thigh Muscles
  • Lower Back Strain
  • Arm Muscle Tears
  • Ankle Sprains

If you aren’t sure if your job is covered by workers’ compensation, or whether your torn muscle injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, it’s essential to consult a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer about your situation. An experienced lawyer can assess your case, determine the value of your torn muscle claim, and fight for the maximum amount of workers’ compensation benefits for your torn muscle injury claim in Missouri.

Value of a Torn Muscle | Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyers

The value of a torn muscle injury in a Missouri workers’ compensation claim is determined based on several factors that can vary significantly. Factors that affect the value of a torn muscle injury include who caused the injury, whether it’s temporary or permanent, pre-existing conditions are involved, or if there were witnesses to the accident.

The best way to ensure that your injury claim receives the highest settlement is to seek immediate medical attention from a treating doctor, take photos of your injuries, gather witness reports, and hire a St. Louis Workers Compensation Lawyer to negotiate a settlement for your torn muscle injury claim.

St. Louis Muscle Injury Settlement Lawyers

According to Missouri’s Department of Labor, if an employee’s worker’s compensation claim is accepted, the victim’s medical bills are to be paid-in-full by their employer. In regards to other damages caused by work-related muscle injuries, the employee could receive ongoing workers’ compensation benefits for a set period of time or for the rest of their life, depending on the severity of their muscle injuries. Missouri workers compensation benefits are paid out in one of two ways: a lump-sum, or ongoing payments, that can be negotiated with help from a Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyer.

If you need help determining the worth of your torn muscle injuries, Christopher Dixon and the St. Louis Muscle Injury Claim Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm can assess your situation, develop a personalized claim for your case, and offer support during the process of filing a worker’s compensation claim in St. Louis. Chris Dixon has recovered over $35,000,000 in settlements and recoveries for a car accident, medical malpractice, and workers compensation claims in Missouri, and has the innate drive needed to recover the highest workers compensation settlement for your torn muscle injuries.

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