What Records Should I Collect After a Truck Accident?

Thousands of passenger vehicle drivers are injured in accidents involving commercial trucks every year. The damage done in a truck accident involving a passenger vehicle is often catastrophic and result in steep medical expenses, pain and suffering damages, loss of income, and other severe damages related to the accident. After a truck accident, to ensure that details from the accident are preserved, it’s essential to collect evidence of the driver’s negligence, get proof of your injuries, and file a truck accident claim against the at-fault party right away.

Reporting a Truck Accident

The average commercial truck weighs five times more than a passenger vehicle and the effects of a truck accident involving a passenger vehicle are often fatal or cause debilitating injuries such as severe head or brain injuries, delayed back or neck pain, and affect the victim’s cognitive ability, coordination, and other essential functions.

After a semi-truck18-wheeler, or tractor-trailer accident, it’s vital to call 911. Involving the police after a truck accident not only preserves witness accounts, debris from the accident, injuries, and other immediate evidence, but provides information on the truck driver, the company they are employed with, and the police’s opinion on whether or not the driver is at-fault in the crash.

In addition to reporting a commercial truck accident to the police, it’s essential to hire a St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer to represent your case. An attorney can help gather copies of the driver’s logbook, driving history, and CDL employment history, and prevent you from having to deal with the insurance company yourself.

After a truck accident, the trucking company’s insurance agent will try to get an immediate statement from you about the accident or offer you an initial settlement offer for damages. But, having an experienced attorney by your side protects you from giving a statement right after the accident and accepting a lower Missouri truck accident settlement than you could be entitled to for damages.

Missouri Truck Accident Lawsuits

Missouri truck accident victims have up to two years after an accident to sue an at-fault commercial truck driver for damages, but it’s best to file claims as soon as possible after an accident.

Certain types of evidence, such as damage done to the truck, road debris, and other evidence, can quickly deteriorate or be repaired by the trucking company. Filing a truck accident claim with help from a St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer right after a crash ensures that proof of the accident is preserved, you are within Missouri’s statute for truck accident claims, and your claim has the best odds of recovering the maximum amount of damages.

Recoverable damages for a truck accident lawsuit in Missouri typically include:

  • Medical bills – hospital bills, medication costs, medical accessories, and other medical expenses related to the crash
  • Pain and suffering – physical, emotional, and mental distress related to the accident
  • Loss of income – missed work hours and other sources of income that stemmed from the accident
  • Property damages – cell phones, jewelry, clothing, and other personal property damage caused in the crash, in addition to vehicle repair costs and the cost of a rental vehicle while your car is in the shop
  • Wrongful death expenses – funeral and burial expenses, loss of affection, and other financial and emotional hardships the victim’s family has endured because of the accident

Most truck accident lawsuits in Missouri are eligible to recover a portion of damages related to an accident, but recovering full compensation for damages requires hiring an aggressive St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer to represent your claim.

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