What Should I Do If I Fractured My Hip in a Car Accident?

There are thousands of car accidents in Missouri every year, many of which cause catastrophic injuries. Hip fractures are some of the most common injuries reported in Missouri car accident claims, and often require surgery, physical therapy, and medication to treat, which can be expensive. If you fractured your hip in a car accident, and need support in bringing a hip fracture after a car accident claim in Missouri, it’s essential to get medical help, gather proof of injuries and the accident, and immediately have a St. Louis Hip Fracture After Car Accident Lawyer assess your rights to compensation.

Types of Hip Fractures | St. Louis Hip Fracture After Car Accident Lawyers

The hip bone is connected to many essential functions of the human body, such as walking, sitting upright, running, and other physical activities. Depending on the cause of a hip accident and the severity, hip fractures can cause chronic pain, loss of coordination, and develop into severe medical conditions. If you were injured in a car accident, it’s essential to stay calm and get medical treatment if you experience hip pain, numbness, or have difficulty walking, as you could have a hip fracture. The three types of hip fractures include:

  • Intracapsular Fractures – damage to the top of the femur, which can lead to soft-tissue injuries in the hip and cause a loss of blood and nutrient supply to the hip joint
  • Intertrochanteric Fractures – damage to the “neck” of the femur and further down the femur in an area called the “lesser trochanter”; this area is an attachment for the largest hip muscle
  • Subtrochanteric Fractures – damage to multiple areas of the hip bone, which can cause breaks in several areas of the hip

Failure to treat a hip fracture can result in severe health conditions, such as pneumonia, urinary tract infections, blood clots, and even affect the muscle mass in your hip and other adjacent areas.

Missouri Hip Fracture After Car Accident Lawsuits

If you suffered a broken hip in a car accident, and are wondering, “how much is a broken hip worth?” it’s important to keep in mind that car accident settlements are based on several factors. For example, who is at-fault in the accident, what caused the injury, whether the victim has an underlying condition, and the severity/outlook of the hip fracture.

While hip fractures are one of the most common car accident injuries, they can range in severity significantly and generally require immediate surgery and a recovery period that can involve physical therapy and medication to heal. Often, this can result in unexpected medical expenses, missed work hours, and other hardship on victims and their families, but bringing a Missouri hip fracture after car accident claim can help recover compensation for a portion of, if not total, damages from the accident.

Missouri is an at-fault state, meaning that if a person’s negligence causes harm to another person, and the victim files an injury claim against them, the injured party can recover compensation from the at-fault party. Typically, hip fracture after a car accident claims in Missouri include compensation for medical bills, physical, emotional, and mental distress, lost wages, and property damage, but hiring an experienced attorney to negotiate a settlement for your claim is essential. Often, insurance companies try to get car accident victims to settle for less than their claim deserves, but a St. Louis Hip Injury After Car Accident Lawyer can protect your rights and make sure that you recover the maximum amount of compensation for damages.

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If you or someone you love has suffered a hip fracture in a car accident, and you are struggling with expensive medical damages, pain and suffering, loss of income, or other damages as a result, you need a St. Louis Hip Injury After Car Accident Lawyer to fight for your case.

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