Boxer Attacks

Boxers are usually playful and sweet, and a commonly chosen breed for family pets. Much like Pit Bulls and Dobermans though, a Boxer’s personality is mostly shaped by the environment it’s raised in, and whether the owner has socialized the animal with other dogs and humans. If a dog isn’t socialized or is trained to fight and guard, this can increase the likelihood of the animal suddenly attacking another dog or person. The Dixon Injury Firm has created this guide on Boxer attacks to help victims involved in unexpected Boxer attacks understand more about the dog breed that attacked them and determines the best option for proceeding with their dog bite claim in Missouri.

Boxer Attack Statistics

Boxers have a natural desire to hunt and an abundance of energy. While Boxers aren’t aggressive by nature alone, if a Boxer’s owner often plays rough with the animal, neglects the dog’s needs, or is otherwise negligent in socializing and grooming the animal into a friendly and social dog, Boxers can become aggressive, dangerous, and prone to attacking others.

Boxers are one of the top ten most dangerous dog breeds in the U.S. Boxers originated in Germany as fighting/hunting dogs. As such, if a Boxer attacks another person or animal, the effects of the attack can be severe, and leave behind permanent scarring, PTSD, and other damages in victims.

Nearly 1 out of every 5 dog bite attacks results in a trip to the emergency room. While some dog bite attacks are caused by a victim’s carelessness (trespassing, provocation), most are caused by the owner’s negligence. Most states have leash laws in place, or strict liability laws for dog bite attacks to protect victims if an aggressive animal suddenly attacks them. Dog bite laws vary in each state, but Missouri’s Dog Bite Statute considers a dog’s owner liable in an attack if the dog attacked without yelling, thrown objects, or other provocation from the victim, and if the attack occurred on public property, or while the victim was a guest of the property owner.

What Should I Do After a Boxer Attack?

Boxers are a strong, muscle-heavy dog breed that if in a situation to attack someone, can inflict severe nerve damage, bruises and lacerations, facial disfigurement, and other injuries to a victim. After a Boxer attack, it’s crucial to the success of your dog bite claim to document everything, from your injuries to the record of the attack made with Animal Control, and consult a Dog Bite Lawyer in St. Louis immediately to represent your case.

Dog bite claims can often take several months to recover damages, but with the help of an experienced lawyer and adequate proof of what happened in the attack, claims often settle quicker and the likelihood of recovering full compensation is significantly increased. An experienced lawyer has the resources needed to obtain information on the dog’s medical records and the owner’s information, and the drive required to negotiate with the other party involved for the highest possible settlement for your Boxer attack claim.

Begin a Boxer Attack Claim Today With Our Dog Bite Lawyers in St. Louis

If you are feeling lost after a Boxer attack in Missouri, and are unsure of your rights to recover compensation from the dog’s owner, the Dixon Injury Firm is always ready to fight for your dog bite claim. Our Dog Bite Lawyers in St. Louis can ensure that your claim is supported by the evidence it needs to win and that you and the details of your Boxer attack case are kept safe and secure from the other party’s insurance company.

Christopher Dixon isn’t afraid to push back against the other party’s insurance company and fight for the compensation that your injuries and financial losses deserve. Chris Dixon’s efforts have recovered over $35,000,000 in medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and loss of consortium damages and have earned the status of “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

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