When Should I Sue After a Car Accident?

Car accidents in and around St. Louis, Missouri, and throughout the Metro East region can occur just about anywhere. However, these accidents are especially common on roadways where traffic volume is high, including interstates. When a car accident happens, accident victims can suffer injuries that… read more

Recourse For Road Rage Injuries

Everyone seems to be in a hurry driving on St. Louis highways and roads today. Consequently, many drivers become angry and aggressive when they feel that other drivers are not traveling fast enough. This emotion, often known as ‘road rage,’ is evident when motor vehicle… read more

How Can I Recover Compensation For An Accident With A Reckless Driver?

Reckless driving can occur anywhere in and around St. Louis, despite state laws prohibiting such dangerous driving. Reckless driving accidents can occur on interstates in the St. Louis area, including I-64, I-66, I-70, and I-72, and on small country roadways outside the city. They can… read more

What Happens After My Rear-End Accident?

All major cities across the United States deal with traffic problems, and the St. Louis metropolitan area and the Metro East are no different. With traffic comes many types of driver errors, and many such errors can lead to rear-end collisions. Too often, people refer… read more

What to Do After a Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault

In the days and weeks after an auto accident, you may be facing serious injuries and costs—all while wondering how to seek the recovery you need. After a car accident that is not your fault, you can take several steps to begin a case for… read more

How A Car Accident Attorney Makes Your Life Easier

When you’re in a car crash, it’s tempting to call the insurance company, accept their first offer, and try to get back to normal as quickly as possible. However, you may not realize that hiring a car accident attorney after a crash not only makes… read more

What Do You Do If Your Car Was Hit While Parked?

What to Do if Your Car Was Hit While Parked? If, after a long day at work, you walk out to your car and find that someone hit your car while you parked it in the lot, it can ruin your evening. If you act… read more

How Much is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

The amount of compensation you receive for car accident claims is a difficult one to reach. Insurers and adjusters will use calculations and past cases, often undervaluing your claim. If victims aren’t careful or patient, they may miss out on a much larger reward. Reimbursement… read more

Am I Required to Report a Car Crash in Missouri?

It’s always a good idea to have a police report after an accident, but many drivers don’t realize it’s actually a requirement for most Missouri car crashes. But which crashes do you have to report, and what’s the benefit of this document? Let’s find out…. read more

Is Liability Insurance Required to Rent a Car in Missouri?

When driving a rental car, you probably don’t expect that you’ll be in a crash, but sometimes life has other plans. When a crash happens, you’ll almost certainly need to rely on insurance. That raises the question: Are you required to have special liability insurance… read more

Can I Sue if a Bicycle Hits My Car?

Yes, you can sue if a bicycle hits your car. You must gather evidence, prove negligence, and establish the value of your losses. The process of dealing with the accident is nearly the same as a car accident. You must collect evidence, exchange information, and… read more

Could Your Back Pain Signal Something Worse?

If you were recently in a car crash and woke up one morning with back pain, you’re not alone. Car crashes account for about 40% of back and spinal cord injuries in the U.S. What many don’t realize is that back pain isn’t the only sign of… read more

How Long Does It Take to Get a Car Accident Settlement?

The process of settling a car accident case can be complex and take as little as a couple of weeks to settle or a matter of months. If you have been in a car accident and are wondering how long it’ll take to get a… read more

Can Both Parties Be At Fault in a Car Accident?

It is the insurance company’s job to decide who is at fault in a car accident involving more than one party. In some accidents, there is a clear answer to who is liable. In other car accidents, the circumstances of a crash may show that… read more

Do You Have to Pay Your Deductible If the Accident Isn’t Your Fault?

There are dozens of insurance companies in the U.S. that are available for drivers to buy insurance policies. Every insurance company has its own unique policies and rules about deductibles. If you are involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, you might find yourself… read more

How Police Reports Impact Insurance Claims

If you’ve been in a car accident, the odds are that emergency services show up. This may not include the police. However, if there were serious injuries, the right amount of availability for local or state response, there’s some sort of physical altercation, or if… read more

Is Missouri a No-Fault State?

There are two types of ‘fault’ rules used to determine who is liable in a car accident: No-Fault and At-Fault. The State of Missouri follows the at-fault rule based on a varying percentage of ‘fault’ for each party involved in the accident. If you have… read more

What to Do if You Are Injured in a Car Accident as a Passenger?

If you are injured in a car accident as a passenger, you might be concerned about what happens to a passenger in a car crash. Missouri uses the “comparative fault law“, meaning, if a valid passenger injury claim in St. Louis is brought, the negligent… read more

6 Most Common Christmas Accidents and Injuries

The Christmas season is a time for family, laughter, and fun, but every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in Christmas-related accidents. The Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers have put together the following list of the six most common Christmas… read more

What Should I Do If I’m Offered a Low Car Accident Settlement?

If you are looking to recover compensation for car accident damages, the negotiations process can be overwhelming and challenging to handle alone with little to no knowledge of Missouri’s legal system. After an accident, insurance companies attempt to offer low settlements to save money, but… read more

An Overview of the St. Louis Car Accident Claims Process

The moments after an accident are often riddled with confusion, and it can be challenging to determine what you need to do after a car accident to ensure that your case is protected. Our Missouri Car Accident Attorneys know Missouri’s legal system and have developed an overview… read more

What Damages Can I Recover If I’m Paralyzed in an Accident?

Paralysis occurs as a result of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, strokes, and seizures, or catastrophic car accidents that involve spinal cord, neck, or back damage. If someone is paralyzed in an accident, whether partially or fully, full compensation could be recovered with a compelling… read more

Can I Sue for Bodily Injuries if I’m in a Car Accident?

After a car accident, you need to document your injuries, collect evidence of the other driver’s negligence, and speak with an experienced lawyer about the likelihood of recovering compensation for damages. Most of the time, claims are settled out of court, but sometimes, more compensation… read more

Can I Sue for Whiplash?

Whiplash is commonly caused in motor vehicle accidents. If a car is struck from behind or sideswiped by another vehicle, the impact can cause the driver and occupants to whip forward suddenly and abruptly and cause neck, back, and spine damage. If you have suffered… read more

6 Common Types of Car and Commercial Truck Accident Claims

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 3,185 people were injured in commercial truck accidents in 2014, and another 47,977 people were injured in passenger vehicle accidents. The 2019 Pocket Guide to Large Truck and Bus Statistics, a report by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), paints an even… read more

What Damages Can I Claim If I’m Hit by a Truck Driver?

If you are hit by a large truck, you could be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries and financial damages from the crash. It can be difficult to figure out which damages you should claim, but hiring an experienced lawyer to represent your case… read more

Is There a Cap on Truck Accident Claims?

Large trucks weigh nearly five times as much as the average passenger vehicle on the road. If a truck rear-ends a car stopped at a stoplight, this can cause serious or fatal injuries to the passenger vehicle occupant. If you were injured in a truck… read more

Do I Need to Go to Court If I’m In a Car Accident?

Despite what you’ve seen in television shows and movies, not all cases go to trial or court. The truth is that most car accident settlements are handled outside of court and finalized before ever having to go to court. Some cases do go to court,… read more

Can You Sue a Dead Person After an Accident?

Car accidents can be stressful to deal with but become even more difficult to deal with when someone that is involved is injured or killed. If you have been involved in a car accident where the at-fault driver was killed, it’s important to act quickly… read more

Who is Responsible in a Multi-Vehicle Car Accident?

There are 13,000 injuries caused by multi-vehicle car accidents in the U.S. every year. These types of accidents can cause severe injuries and be fatal depending on the type of vehicles that are involved in the accident and how it occurs. If you have been involved in… read more