Are Drunk Drivers Always At Fault?

Car accidents are never easy to deal with, but this can be especially true if a drunk driver is involved. It can be difficult to determine what and who caused a drunk driving accident to happen because there are many elements at play: What evidence… read more

What If I’m Hit By a Drunk Driver?

In 2016, 10,497 people died in crashes involving alcohol. While some of these accidents were single-car accidents, others involved pedestrians and other drivers on the road. Alcohol-impaired driving can cause serious damage so if you are hit by a drunk driver, it is important to know your… read more

What You Need to Know About Drunk Driving Accidents

Roughly 40% of all driving fatalities involve someone driving drunk. Every year, there is an untold number of people injured and tens of thousands of people are killed in alcohol-related accidents across the United States. The sad truth is that all of these accidents could… read more