Can I Sue for Bodily Injuries if I’m in a Car Accident?

After a car accident, you need to document your injuries, collect evidence of the other driver’s negligence, and speak with an experienced lawyer about the likelihood of recovering compensation for damages. Most of the time, claims are settled out of court, but sometimes, more compensation can be recovered by using for your bodily injuries caused in a car accident.

When Can I Sue the Other Driver for Damages in a Car Accident?

After an accident, there are several options for recovering compensation for bodily injuries. Settlements are usually reached via negotiations between the two insurance companies. However, in more severe car accidents, it can be a good idea to sue the other party for damages and go to court. You might be thinking, “Go to court? Isn’t that expensive?” Taking a case to court is more expensive than accepting a settlement outside of court, but if your lawyer thinks it’s a smart move to file a lawsuit against the other party, the payoff could be worth it. Often, by bringing a case to court, the odds of recovering a high settlement are significantly increased.

Recoverable Bodily Injury Damages for Car Accidents

Regardless of whether you sue for damages, or have your lawyer negotiate a settlement outside of court, recoverable bodily injury damages from a car accident typically include:

  • Medical expenses that occurred because of the crash
  • Compensation for mental and emotional distress associated with your injuries
  • Reimbursement for lost wages
  • Compensation for personal property damage that was caused in the accident
  • Loss of consortium, or “loss of affection,” that your spouse experienced because of your injuries

While settlements often include compensation for the above damages, to maximize the amount you can recover for each damage, it’s essential to have an experienced lawyer by your side.

Discuss Your Case with Our St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers Now

If you are injured in a car accident but don’t have a lawyer protecting your best interests, this could leave you and the elements of your case vulnerable to the other party. Often, insurance companies will attempt to gather an incriminating statement right after a crash, or shift the blame of the accident to the other party to reduce the amount of their settlement. Additionally, by not having a Car Accident Lawyer by your side, you risk the chance of surpassing Missouri’s time frame for car accident claims and forfeit your right to sue for bodily injuries caused in the accident.

If you are ready to sue the other party for your bodily injuries caused in a car accident, the Dixon Injury Firm can help. Christopher Dixon and the St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm are aggressive when fighting for damages and can ensure that you receive the most compensation for your claim. When you choose the Dixon Injury Firm, you are choosing an attorney that has been recognized as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyers Association, a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers,” and whose efforts have recovered over $35,000,000 in damages for personal injury victims.

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