Can Workers Compensation Be Denied in Missouri?

Most workplace injuries are covered under Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws, but sometimes claims are denied, whether by the state or an employer. In both situations, if your worker’s compensation claim is denied in Missouri, you still have several options available for recovering worker’s compensation benefits. An experienced Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyer can assess your situation, determine if it makes sense to appeal your claim, and ensure that your worker’s compensation claim has the best odds of recovering compensation.

Commonly Denied Workers Compensation Claims in Missouri

Most of the time, if an employee is injured while on the clock, their worker’s compensation claim will be accepted as long as it’s supported by substantial evidence and filed within Missouri’s timeframe for worker’s compensation claims. Sometimes though, a worker’s compensation claim might be denied despite its eligibility to recover compensation.

If your worker’s compensation claim was denied in Missouri, you have the option to appeal the decision that was made about your case. Appealing a claim requires adequate knowledge of Missouri’s workers’ compensation laws and the ability to develop a compelling claim that details why you are eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits for your workplace injuries; this is nearly impossible without the help of an experienced lawyer. Without a lawyer, you might not be aware that you could be eligible to appeal your claim.

A Workers Compensation Lawyer knows the most commonly denied workers’ compensation claims in Missouri and can use this knowledge to develop a strong claim. The most commonly denied workers’ compensation claims that are eligible for appeal include:

  • Claims that are filed past Missouri’s 30-day limit for reporting injuries to an employer
  • If a claim lacks substantial evidence
  • If a claim is disputed by an employer or insurance company

Appealing a claim can be done quickly and successfully with the help of an experienced lawyer. Your lawyer knows the best strategies to use when gathering compelling evidence to support your claim, the most effective way to prove an employer’s negligence and sue for damages, and how to defend your claim against the insurance company to retrieve the compensation that you deserve for your workplace accident injuries.

Missouri Workers Compensation Laws

Unfortunately, not all worker’s compensation cases are eligible to recover damages, but most of the time, if a business has the required five or more employees to necessitate workers comp insurance, you can recover compensation for medical expenses and lost wages under Missouri’s Workers Compensation Laws.

Missouri workers comp laws state that as long as an injury is reported within 30 days of an accident, there is substantial evidence to support the claim, and the employer submits the claim within 30 days to the insurance company, a worker’s compensation claim is eligible for consideration. Once submitted, the insurance company has up to 30 days to investigate a case and decide whether to approve or deny a worker’s compensation claim.

Consult a Missouri Workers Compensation Lawyer Today

If a worker’s compensation claim is denied, it can be challenging to recover damages without an experienced lawyer. If your employer tries to deny your worker’s compensation claim in Missouri, or there is insufficient evidence to support your claim, you’ll need substantial legal knowledge to produce the best results for your claim’s appeal, which can be challenging, but an experienced lawyer can help.

Christopher Dixon and the Workers Compensation Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm are passionate about helping Missouri injury victims with their cases. If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied in Missouri, our lawyers will do everything in their power to recover damages for your workplace injuries. To date, the Dixon Injury Firm has recovered more than $35,000,000 in settlements due to their drive and dedication to producing the best results for their clients.

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