How Long Does This Process Usually Take?

The State of Missouri has a general 5 years Statute of Limitations applicable to personal injury cases. This means an injured party has 5 years from the date they were injured to bring a personal injury case against the negligent party. (This is a general rule and you should consult with a personal injury attorney in your state regarding specific facts.) While an injured party has 5 years to bring a lawsuit to seek compensation for their injuries, the vast majority of cases are resolved well in advance of this length of time.

The time constraints on any particular case vary greatly. Some cases, in which a more minor injury is sustained, can reach completion within months. Cases involving serious injuries require a more thorough approach. A serious injury will most likely have long-term implications to a person’s overall health. For instance, a broken bone can bring on the early onset of arthritis, scars carry physical and emotional issues, and extreme injuries disrupt an entire mobile life. In Missouri, an injured party is entitled to reimbursement for all the harms and losses suffered at the hands of the wrongdoer. For this reason, serious injury cases require determining the type and cost of all future health treatment. These types of cases require more work to ensure the injured party is fully reimbursed for their harms and losses.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding how long a personal injury case will take to reach completion. It depends on a large amount of what an individual is willing to accept. Often the economic realities of life force individuals to entertain low offers to meet their basic survival needs. Other times people stand strong against the insurance corporations and pursue their case to trial for the community to determine the value of their loss.

The main ingredient is that injured parties seek an attorney who they feel is aggressive. Personal injury cases are moved along in large part by the amount of work and attention they receive. It is important you find an attorney you believe is hardworking and knowledgeable. If you have been injured, please contact the Missouri auto accident attorney at (314) 208-2808, or a St. Louis auto accident lawyer at (314) 208-2808.