How Much Does It Cost To Retain A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Retaining a Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer is free. You will never receive a bill for services. Missouri injury victims generally retain their lawyers under a contingency fee agreement. A contingent agreement of this nature states that the attorney will pay all costs and fees throughout the case and receive a percentage of the amount recovered. A client is not responsible for any fees or costs that are incurred throughout the case should their case be turned down by the attorney, or if they are unsuccessful at Trial.

Personal injury victims are often faced with financial difficulty following an injury. You may be unable to work, unable to keep health insurance active, immobile, and various other situations which place a significant burden on financial resources. The contingent fee agreement allows personal injury victims to hire representation to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by insurance corporations while they are in an extreme situation of need.

Insurance companies are highly conscious of the financial realities of life an injured party faces following an injury. There are mounting medical bills, lost wages, etc. Insurance companies operate for a profit, so naturally, their interest is against the injured party. If they pay for all of the injured parties’ harms and losses, they will not make as much profit for their company. Under this manner of corporate organization, the company has an interest to deny compensation for harms and losses. For these reasons, insurance companies prey on those in desperate need by hanging a little financial settlement over there head, in exchange for an enormous release of all responsibility. If an injured party was forced to pay an attorney money upfront for their services, millions more individuals would be under the thumb of large corporate conglomerates.