How Much is a Broken Hip Worth?

Hip pain after a car accident can be indicative of a fractured or broken hip, severe bruising, or other hip damage. Symptoms of a broken hip caused in a car accident or sports accident can be present right away, or delayed. Several factors are considered when determining the value of a broken hip, such as what caused the accident, if treatment was sought immediately, and the outlook of the victim’s injuries. If you suffered a broken hip in an accident that was another person’s fault, you could recover damages by filing a compelling Missouri hip injury claim.

Missouri Hip Injury Statistics

The most common sports injuries reported in a 2008 sports medicine study were hip and pelvic injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, annually, there are over 800,000 people hospitalized for fall injuries, with the most commonly reported injuries being head and hip fractures.

Hip fractures can cause debilitating pain, and make it challenging to perform routine tasks such as walking, riding a bike, or even sitting for long periods. If a hip fracture isn’t treated, it can lead to chronic hip pain, severe back pain, and affect a person’s mobility. Based on U.S. hip fracture statistics, half of the people that suffer hip fractures every year don’t regain the ability to live independently, and those that have suffered a broken hip in the past are at risk for repetitive injuries.

If someone else caused your broken hip, and you suffered medical expenses, pain and suffering, or lost wages, depending on the circumstances of the accident, you could recover a Missouri hip injury settlement.

The Value of a Broken Hip | Missouri Hip Injury Lawyers

The value of a hip injury can differ significantly from one injury settlement to the next. Factors that are considered when determining the worth of a broken hip claim in Missouri include the following:

  • Where the Accident Occurred – did the injury occur in a work accident, on public property, or private property?
  • The Cause of Injury – was it the result of a car accidentslip and fall, or another unintentional accident?
  • Who Caused the Accident – is the person’s employer liable? Or, was the accident caused by an unknown party’s negligence in distracted driving or premises liability accident?
  • Quality of Evidence – is there proof of the victim’s injuries and evidence of the other party’s negligence, such as a police report or witnesses to the accident?
  • Statute of Limitations – does the victim’s hip injury claim fall under Missouri’s Injury Statute?

If you suffered a broken hip, and don’t know how much your hip injury is worth, a Missouri Hip Injury Lawyer can determine the value of your injury and damages incurred because of it, such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

Hip Injury Lawyers in St. Louis

If you broke your hip because of a property owner’s negligence, or in a car accident that was the other driver’s fault, with help from a St. Louis Hip Injury Lawyer, you could recover a settlement. No one should have to undergo surgery or physical therapy for a broken hip because of another person’s recklessness.

When you need help recovering a hip injury settlement in Missouri, the Dixon Injury Firm’s Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis can be counted on to offer support and bring a compelling claim on behalf of your case. As a National Trial Lawyers Association recognized “Top 100 Trial Lawyer,” Christopher Dixon won’t back down when fighting for your claim or accept a lower Missouri hip injury settlement than you deserve.

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