How Much Money Will I Receive for an Annular Tear at Work?

An annular tear primarily affects discs in the neck and back along the spinal cord. When a person suffers an annular tear at work, due to overuse or a traumatic workplace accident, this can cause debilitating injuries that can make it impossible to work, and leave victims wondering, “how much money will I receive for an annular tear at work in Missouri?”

Common Annular Tear Injuries | St. Louis Annular Tear Workers Compensation Lawyers

Annular tears significantly range in severity, depending on what caused the injury and the location of the tear. Certain types of annular tears, such as damage to the inner layer of discs and bones spurs, can take longer to heal than outer tears and require surgery to heal properly, which is often expensive and might require ongoing physical therapy to alleviate pain.

Common types of annual tears caused at work include:

  • Concentric tears – affects the annulus fibrosus layer and can be caused by trauma in a slip and fall accident at work, work vehicle accident, or other traumatic accidents on the job
  • Rim lesions – affects the outer layer of intervertebral discs in a person’s neck or back
  • Radial tears – inner and outer disc tears in the neck or back that are typically associated with repetitive work injuries

If you suffered a neck injury or back injury at work, and are wondering, “how much can I claim for an annular tear at work?,” most Missouri workers’ compensation claims, if supported by proof of injuries, an employer or fellow employee’s negligence, and a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, can recover medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages linked to workplace injuries.

Annular Tear Disability Claims in Missouri

Under Missouri workers’ compensation regulations, if an employee suffers harm while performing the duties of their job, the victim’s employer is liable to compensate the victim for damages. The amount that a person can claim for an annular tear at work in Missouri is based on several factors, such as what caused the accident, if there were witnesses, whether there is proof of the annular tear, and if the victim has suffered repetitive injuries to the site. Typically, accepted workers’ compensation claims in Missouri can recover up to $900 of an employee’s weekly wages and can be paid out in a lump-sum settlement, or ongoing benefits in permanent disability cases.

After a workplace accident, it’s essential to take photos of the scene of the accident, get prompt medical treatment, and consult a Missouri Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, especially if your employer tries to deny your claim. An experienced attorney can offer protection during this time, help you file a strong claim, and negotiate for the maximum amount of benefits for your pain and suffering.

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If you suffered an annular tear on the job, and believe that it was caused by unsafe work conditions or another employee’s negligence, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Missouri.

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