Information You Need to Collect for Your Truck Accident Lawyer

The best defense against the at-fault driver in an accident is significant evidence and an experienced lawyer. The Dixon Injury Firm has put together the following list of information that you need to collect for your truck accident lawyer after an accident to hopefully provide guidance for your case.

How Collecting Information For Your Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Case

The more information that your lawyer has at their disposal to create a personalized plan with for your case, the better. If your lawyer doesn’t have evidence to work with, it can be impossible to prove the other party’s liability for your damages. The best time to collect information for your lawyer is directly after the accident happens. If evidence isn’t collected right after an accident, the details of what happened in the crash can be blurred or falsified by the at-fault party to the detriment of your case.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, the best way to preserve information from the crash is by getting the police involved. A police report includes information such as when, where and why an accident happened, and details about who the police believe is at-fault in the crash. Trucking companies are insured by big insurance companies that are skilled at settling claims for the lowest amount possible, and without proper legal guidance for your case, could persuade you to accept a lower settlement than your case deserves.

The Most Common Types of Information You Need to Collect For Your Truck Accident Lawyer

Filing a police report is the first step in collecting information for your truck accident lawyer, but it is a good idea to obtain additional evidence on your own. The police will gather evidence from the scene of the accident but might overlook small details that you might otherwise be able to collect yourself. The most common types of information that you need to collect for your truck accident lawyer include:

  • Contact Information – the name of the truck driver that caused the accident, their address, the company they work for, and the driver number on their truck. Contact information for witnesses of the accident can be of use to your lawyer later on as well if your case goes to trial
  • Insurance Information – truck drivers are required to have liability and cargo insurance. If a truck driver doesn’t have insurance, proof of their coverage, or refuses to give you their insurance information, this can be used to support your claim
  • Copies of Your Medical and Police Report – if you are injured in an accident, getting examined by a physician can provide proof of your injuries. Your physician will file a medical report that includes information about your injuries such as what caused them, recommended treatment, and the present and future outcome for your injuries. A medical report can be used to prove that the other party is liable to reimburse you for medical expenses
  • Evidence From the Accident – photos of road marks, property damage, personal injuries, debris, and other documentation of the scene of the accident are examples of evidence that are useful to support your claim against the responsible party

Truck accidents are often severe, so if your injuries prevent you from collecting information for your truck accident lawyer, gathering it yourself isn’t the only option. Alternative methods for getting information for your lawyer include sending a close friend or family member to collect it for you or having your lawyer start an investigation of the accident to preserve evidence.

What If I Forget To Collect Information For My Truck Accident Lawyer?

If information isn’t collected after your accident happens, or you delay filing a police report for the crash, don’t worry. Every state has a time frame that personal injury and accident reports must be filed by to be considered valid. If someone attempts to file a claim after this period, otherwise known as the Statute of Limitations, their claim won’t be accepted and they are unable to recover damages for the accident. The average Statute of Limitations for states in the U.S. is between one to seven years after an accident occurs.

Speak with a Truck Accident Lawyer About Your Case Today

Truck accident victims should act quickly after a crash and collect information for their lawyer, but some evidence, such as proof of employment, can be difficult to obtain without an attorney’s help. If a truck driver was operating as an employee at the time of your accident, you could recover damages from both the truck driver and their employer under the Respondeat Superior Doctrine. Respondeat Superior, otherwise known as Vicarious Liability, states that if an employee is negligent while on the clock, their employer is liable for their actions.

If your lawyer can prove that the at-fault driver in the accident was operating as an employee at the time of the crash, you could recover even more compensation for damages. Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to reach an acceptable settlement, or if the other party refuses, they can defend your claim in court to reach a higher settlement. If you need a lawyer to fight for your truck accident case, contact the Dixon Injury Firm today. Our attorneys offer free consultations and won’t give up until they recover the maximum amount of compensation for your claim.