What Damages Can I Recover If I’m Paralyzed in an Accident?

Paralysis occurs as a result of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, strokes, and seizures, or catastrophic car accidents that involve spinal cord, neck, or back damage. If someone is paralyzed in an accident, whether partially or fully, full compensation could be recovered with a compelling paralyzation claim and an experienced St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer.

Types of Paralysis | St. Louis Car Accident Attorneys

The human body is made up of hundreds of nerve endings, and when certain parts of the body become injured, this can result in paralyzation in some cases. The most common accidents involving paralyzation include car and workplace accidents, and situations involving spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, and other catastrophic bodily injuries. When most people hear the term “paralysis,” it likely brings to mind full body paralyzation, but paralysis can be partial, temporary, permanent, or complete. The most common types of paralysis caused in car accidents in Missouri include:

  • Monoplegia – affects one limb, such as one arm or leg, but no other parts of the body
  • Hemiplegia – if one of the victim’s upper and lower limbs are both paralyzed, but it occurs on the same side of the body
  • Diplegia – when a victim’s limbs, whether it’s their arms or legs are paralyzed on both sides of the body; for example, both arms, both legs, or other parts of the body, such as the face
  • Paraplegia – if a victim is paralyzed from the waist down, limiting the function and nerves in their lower body – victims of paraplegia are typically wheelchair-bound
  • Quadriplegia – if both a person’s arms and legs are paralyzed – this can sometimes cause paralyzation of all areas of the victim’s body from the neck down

Living with paralyzation after a car accident can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging, and reduce the overall life satisfaction of a person. No one should have to suffer paralysis because of another driver’s negligence, but if it does happen, under Missouri’s Statute of Limitations, the victim can sue the at-fault party for damages.

Recoverable Damages for Paralyzation from a Car Accident

Injury settlements vary significantly. Factors that are considered when determining recoverable damages for a car accident claim in St. Louis include what caused the accident, who is at fault, the evidence from the accident, and whether there’s sufficient proof of the at-fault party’s carelessness (witness reports, police report). If you were paralyzed in an accident in St. Louis, and are thinking about filing an injury claim, depending on the nature of your injuries (partial or full; temporary or permanent), you could recover the following present and future damages:

  • Medical bills, medication, medical accessories (wheelchair, crutches, etc.)
  • Mental or physical distress that stems from paralysis, and treatment required for it such as behavioral therapy or physical therapy
  • Lost wages attributed to the accident, whether while in recovery or due to no longer being able to perform the requirements of a job
  • Property damage caused in the accident (vehicle damage, harm to personal property)
  • Spouses of victims paralyzed in an accident can recover compensation for damage caused to their relationship

If you experienced damages that are uncommon in most paralyzation claims, you should still include them when filing your claim. If becoming paralyzed in the accident has prevented you from doing something that you once enjoyed, or altered the experience for you, your experienced St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer can negotiate to include compensation for this loss when fighting against the other party’s insurer for the highest settlement.

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If you suffered paralysis in an accident, the last thing you should have to deal with is figuring out how to file a claim for your injuries. Christopher Dixon and the St. Louis Car Accident Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm can handle your paralyzation claim from start to finish, and ensure that the process is as hassle-free as possible.

Chris Dixon’s efforts have recovered over $35,000,000 for injury claims in Missouri, and have received recognition as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” from the National Trial Lawyers Association. No one will fight for your paralysis from car accident claim in Missouri more aggressively, or produce better results, than Christopher Dixon.

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