What is the Average Settlement for a Dog Bite Case?

Settlements for dog bite cases can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, but most importantly, if liability is clear, the status of the victim’s injuries, and the state’s dog bite laws. If you need help determining what kind of settlement you are eligible to recover based on the average settlement for dog bite cases, the best thing you can do for your case is hiring an experienced lawyer.

How Are Settlements Calculated for Dog Bite Cases?

In most states, if someone’s dog bites another person, and causes physical, emotional, or mental injuries in the victim, the injured person is able to sue the dog’s owner for damages. Dog bite settlements are calculated using a number of factors, including the type of damages suffered, the cause of the accident, and whether the animal has harmed someone in the past, but these elements can differ significantly from case to case.

For example, if Victim #1 breaks their leg in a dog bite incident at a dog park, but the owner didn’t know that their animal was dangerous, and Victim #2 breaks their leg at a family member’s house, where the owner knew that the animal had the propensity to be dangerous, while both victims can likely recover compensation under their state’s dog bite laws, Victim #2 can likely recover a higher settlement for their injuries. In most states, if a dog’s owner knows that their dog is dangerous, or could be dangerous, and someone is harmed by the animal, the dog’s owner is often strictly liable in dog bite cases that don’t involve trespassing or provocation by the victim.

How Can I Receive a High Settlement for My Dog Bite Case?

After a dog bite attack, you need to collect as much information as possible. Medical reports, police reports, and Animal Control reports are compelling pieces of evidence that can strengthen your claim against the dog’s negligent owner, and offer your lawyer more leverage when negotiating with the other party’s insurance company for a high settlement. Typically, the average settlement for a dog bite case is between $35,000 to $40,000. Most dog bite claims that involve a liable dog owner are paid out via the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance or car insurance. Recoverable damages for dog bite cases include:

  • Medical expenses caused in the attack
  • Mental or emotional distress associated with the dog bite victim’s injuries
  • Loss of income that the victim experienced while recovering from their injuries caused in the attack
  • Personal property damage caused in the attack
  • Loss of consortium that the victim’s spouse suffered due to their partner’s dog bite injuries

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The Dixon Injury Firm has recovered over $35,000,000 in settlements for injury victims and will push back against the negligent dog owner’s insurer to retrieve a fair settlement for your harm and losses caused by a dangerous dog. Christopher Dixon has been recognized as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer,” by the National Trial Lawyers Association, and has received repeated recognition as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers. If you want to receive a high settlement for your dog bite injuries, you need the St. Louis Dog Bite Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm defending your dog bite claim.

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