What Should I Do If I’m Offered a Low Car Accident Settlement?

If you are looking to recover compensation for car accident damages, the negotiations process can be overwhelming and challenging to handle alone with little to no knowledge of Missouri’s legal system.

After an accident, insurance companies attempt to offer low settlements to save money, but with an experienced car accident lawyer negotiating on behalf of your Missouri car accident claim, gathering detailed evidence of the other party’s negligence, and refusing to settle for less than your case deserves, the likelihood of recovering a high settlement for your St. Louis car accident claim is significantly increased.

How is a Car Insurance Settlement Negotiated?

If you were injured in a car accident that was caused by another person, and the insurance company is trying to make you an offer that doesn’t offset the cost of your harm and losses, it’s essential to consult a St. Louis Car Accident Lawyer about your situation. The job of the other party’s insurer is to get you to accept a reduced settlement; no matter what it takes.

It can be challenging to understand the value of your St. Louis car accident claim, but during the initial consultation with an experienced attorney, they’ll determine the value of your injuries, personal property damage, pain and suffering, and other expenses caused in the accident, and create a personalized plan for recovering the maximum amount of damages.

Generally, the Missouri car accident settlement process requires the following:

  • Submitting a demand letter – after an accident, you need to submit a compelling demand letter to the other party’s insurance company. A demand letter includes damages that you experienced because of the accident, such as medical bills, distress, loss of income, or personal property damage, and a detailed explanation of why you deserve compensation (evidence of the other party’s fault, proof of injuries and the impact they’ve had on your life since the accident)
  • Refusing of the first offer – accepting the first offer from the insurance company guarantees that you are settling for less than your case deserves; recovering a high car accident settlement in St. Louis requires rejection of the first offer and submitting a strong counter-offer
  • Accepting a settlement or going to court – most car accident settlements are negotiated outside of court by an experienced attorney. But, in more severe cases, it can be a good idea to take your car accident claim to court. Under Missouri law, if someone harms another person, and there is substantial proof of negligence, the at-fault party is required to compensate the injured party for damages

Missouri Car Accident Settlement Lawyers

Car accidents can be traumatic, and in the aftermath of a crash, it can be challenging to determine what steps need to be taken to protect your case. While Missouri’s Statute of Limitations for accident claims is within five years of an accident, if you are interested in recovering full compensation for car accident damages, it’s essential to consult an experienced attorney right after the accident and file a Missouri car accident claim. Certain types of evidence can deteriorate over time and not having protection from an aggressive personal injury lawyer in St. Louis can leave victims more susceptible to the insurance company’s tactics and settling for less than they deserve.

If you suffered injuries in a Missouri car accident and were offered a lower settlement than your harm and losses deserve, you need to consult the Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis Car Accident Settlement Lawyers immediately. Christopher Dixon is tireless in negotiating for clients’ claims and will do anything it takes to recover the highest settlement for your Missouri car accident claim.

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