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Compensation for Car Accidents Lawyer St. Louis

The lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm are focused on providing the highest level of care to car accident victims. If you have been in a car accident and you’ve suffered injuries, significant damage to your personal property, lost wages and more, it’s crucial for you to consult a personal injury lawyer.

We are available to guide you throughout your car accident case and will make sure that you are well taken care of during this time. Car accidents tend to bring financial losses, steep medical bills and other unexpected expenses that can be stressful, so if you need any assistance at all, Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm Attorneys are available to help.

Pursuing Compensation for Your Car Accident

It can be difficult to prove that the other driver is at fault in a car accident. If you or someone you love has been involved in a car accident and needs help recovering damages, you need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney by your side. Chris Dixon and the Car Accident Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice and making sure that their clients are properly taken care of. Christopher R. Dixon has been named as a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” and has earned the status of being a Lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. By choosing Chris Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm Attorneys, you are choosing a practice that cares about you and your case.

How Can a Missouri Compensation for Car Accident Lawyer Help With My Case?

The Dixon Injury Firm has the experience and knowledge necessary to pursue the maximum amount of compensation for your case. Car accidents can be stressful and complicated to deal with, but with an experienced team by your side this is made easier. The responsible party’s insurance company will likely try and get you to settle for the lowest amount possible for your claim. With Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Lawyers by your side to protect you and your case, your claim has the best chance possible of recovering the most in damages.

The Compensation for Car Accidents Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm have the experience needed to win the most compensation for your car accident claim. Whether you are dealing with financial losses, need help with repaying medical bills or other expenses associated with your injuries, Chris Dixon and the Car Accident Attorneys at the Dixon Injury Firm will do everything in their power to make sure that you and your family are taken care of during this trying time. It can be chaotic to deal with car accidents, but with a lawyer, the process is hassle-free.

Traffic Laws Affecting Your Case

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in drivers ages 15-29. More than 3,000 people die in car crashes every day and another 2 million are injuredin car accidents per year. Most car accidents are preventable, so there are strict car accident laws in place in the U.S. to protect drivers on the road from the negligence of other drivers.

Traffic laws differ from state to state, but most allow for car accident victims to recover compensation for their injuries, and for beneficiaries of deceased drivers to recover damages for their loved one’s unexpected death. If a driver is found at fault for a car accident, they could lose their driver’s license, be charged steep fines and fees, and held liable for the injured driver’s damages from the accident. If you have been involved in a car accident and you and your family are seeking compensation for your injuries and losses, the Compensation for Car Accident Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm are ready to help.

When Should I File A Car Accident Claim?

The ideal time to file a car accident claim is right after an accident happens, but things can get in the way of this. If you have suffered injuries in a car accident that was caused by another driver, it’s crucial to involve an attorney in your case to determine if you are still eligible to file a car accident claim. In some states it’s required for claims to be filed within as soon as a year after an accident. Once your lawyer determines if you are eligible to file a claim, they can protect your case, make sure that you have substantial evidence to support your claim, and give you a realistic outcome for your claim.

If you or someone you love has been in a car accident and you are seeking compensation, contact the Dixon Injury Firm today. Our Compensation for Car Accidents Attorneys take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients, and offer FREE consultations to alleviate some of the financial burden.

Missouri Car Accident Laws

According to the IIHS, in 2017 there were 37,133 deaths from car accidents in the U.S. In the state of Missouri, the leading cause of car accidents was speeding, driving under the influence and distracted driving. While all car accidents are not preventable, most car accidents are 100% avoidable. If you have been in a car accident that was caused by another driver, the following elements can be used to prove that the other party is liable and help you recover compensation:

  • It is crucial to collect evidence immediately after an accident. Evidence from the crash can show what happened in the accident and determine who caused it. A lack of evidence could allow for the other party to blame the accident on you, or for their insurance company to pay you a lower settlement amount
  • You must call the police after an accident and seek immediate medical attention. A police report and medical report are powerful pieces of evidence that can prove that the accident and your injuries were caused by the other driver
  • It’s essential to take matters into your own hands and speak to witnesses of the accident. While it’s important to call the police when a car accident happens, they may not speak to all witnesses at the scene and get detailed accounts from them that can be useful when seeking compensation for your injuries

In the U.S., road crashes cost $230.6 billion per year and are considered the main cause of death in U.S. citizens that are traveling outside of the country. If you have been in an accident that was caused by someone else, the Car Accident Lawyers at the Dixon Injury Firm can help you determine what damages to claim for your injuries from the accident and create a plan to recover the most compensation for your case.

Compensation for Missouri Car Accident Lawsuits

Car accidents can happen for many different reasons, including speeding, driving under the influence, distracted driving and more. Consulting a compensation for car accident lawyer can help you understand your rights to file a car accident claim, what damages you’re eligible to claim, and how your attorney can recover the most damages from the at fault party’s insurance company.

If someone is severely injured or killed in the U.S. by another driver in a car accident, the at fault driver may be required to pay the injured driver for the following types of compensation:

  • Medical expenses that the injured driver experienced because of their injuries from the accident
  • If the injured driver had to miss work or missed out on other wages because of the accident, they could recover compensation for this
  • Bodily repairs to the injured driver’s vehicle or other property that was damaged in the vehicle because of the accident
  • If the injured party experiences any mental or emotional distress because of the accident, they may be eligible to recover pain and suffering damages
  • If the other driver is disabled or killed in the car accident, their family members could recover loss of affection damages, funeral expenses, lost wages and more

In some cases, drivers may have to recover compensation from their own insurance policy. States in the U.S. that follow the “no fault rule”, don’t allow for injured drivers to sue those that are responsible for their car accidents. No fault rules state that an injured driver must file a claim against their own insurance company, regardless of fault, to recover damages. However, in some no fault states, if the injured driver’s damages surpass a designated threshold, they may be able to sue the other driver for the excess amount of damages.

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