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Speeding is the most common cause of car accident fatalities. Every year, there are more than 9,717 people killed, and thousands injured, in speeding accidents in the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding is a factor in more than 26% of traffic fatalities, and often, more than one type of negligence is involved.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a catastrophic speeding accident, The Dixon Injury Firm can offer support to you and your family during this trying time. Our personal injury lawyers in St. Louis can work to develop personalized car accident claims for our clients’ cases. No matter what the situation may be, the well-being of our clients is at the forefront of every move our attorneys make.

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Have You Been Injured in a Speeding Accident?

Speeding accidents are often traumatic and result in unexpected expenses that can hinder a victim’s ability to focus on healing and moving on from the catastrophic event. Missouri Injury Laws state that if someone is responsible for another person’s physical, mental, or financial harm, they are liable to compensate the victim for damages.

Typically, compensation for speeding accident claims in Missouri include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage that the victim incurred because of the accident, and in wrongful death cases, can include funeral and burial expenses.

After an accident, several essential steps need to be taken, such as calling 911, getting immediate medical attention, and consulting an experienced attorney about the accident. Involving an attorney ensures that you have someone offering support when filing a claim, and guarantees that you won’t have to negotiate with the insurer directly to recover compensation. Often, insurance companies try to take advantage of victims after an accident and offer reduced settlements, but a lawyer can make sure that your claim is safe from the insurer’s tactics.

How We Can Help

Between 2015-2017, there were more than 400 car accident fatalities in Missouri caused by speeding. Speeding, especially when combined with other factors, such as drunk driving or distracted driving, can cause catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, mobility issues, loss of cognitive ability, and in severe cases, paralysis, or other debilitating injuries.

If you were injured in a speeding accident that was another person’s fault, and aren’t sure if you can sue, you need to consult an attorney. The Dixon Injury Firm specializes in many different areas of speeding accidents, including personal injury and wrongful death claims. Our St. Louis speeding accident attorneys can assess your case, determine if there’s more than one liable party, and make sure that you and your family have access to resources.

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According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, more than 22,474 speeding accidents occur every year, with the most common liable parties being teenagers and adults over the age of 65. If you were injured in a speeding accident and suffered head injuries, chronic pain, or other harm, you could be entitled to compensation for undue pain and suffering.

Christopher Dixon and the rest of our team know how challenging Missouri’s legal system can be and do everything in their power to recover the highest settlements for speeding accident claims. The St. Louis personal injury lawyers at The Dixon Injury Firm has recovered more than $35,000,000 in medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and other harm and losses.

If you suffered injuries in an accident and need help recovering a Missouri speeding accident settlement, you need The Dixon Injury Firm.

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