6 Most Common Thanksgiving Injuries

It might not come as a surprise, but holidays are one of the busiest days in the E.R. During the holiday season, alcohol consumption skyrockets and overindulgence abounds. You might think that deep-frying turkey accidents are the most common Thanksgiving injuries, but injury claims range from carving accidents to football tackling injuries and everything in between.

Top Causes of Thanksgiving Accidents

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in 2015 there were over 350,000 Thanksgiving-day E.R. visits, with only 47 of these injuries attributed to turkey-related accidents. The most common Thanksgiving accidents that occur every year include:

  • Turkey deep-frying accidents – hot oil, inexperience using a deep fryer, and possible inebrience can lead to housefires, severe burn injuries, and smoke inhalation lung damage depending on the severity of the accident
  • Carving accidents – most turkey-related injury claims are caused by unsafe carving and other kitchen equipment accidents
  • Overindulgence – increased alcohol intake, consumption of rich foods, and other forms of overindulgence account for a large portion of Thanksgiving-related E.R. visits
  • Food poisoning – with in-laws, cousins, and other looming guests on the horizon, it can be easy to leave cooking the turkey or other food items to the last minute; according to Thanksgiving statistics published by PR Newswire, more than 47% of physicians see an increase in food poisoning and gastrointestinal injuries during the holiday season
  • Sports accidents – post-meal football games are one of the leading causes of Thanksgiving-related injuries. Fractures, concussions, and whiplash are some of the most common injuries
  • Cooking mishaps – stovetop and oven burns can cause a wide range of hand, wrist, and finger injuries, while grease splatters could cause permanent scarring and disfigurement

This Thanksgiving, it’s important to enjoy yourself, but know your limits, and follow the five most essential Thanksgiving safety tips our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers came up with to protect you and your family this holiday season.

The best way to prevent a fire or kitchen injuries is to stay alert, use caution in the kitchen, and keep your kitchen clutter-free to reduce the odds of a slip and fall accident or sudden fires. The Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers created the following list of Thanksgiving safety tips to keep you and your family safe this holiday season:

  • If you are thinking about trying your hand at deep-frying a turkey, it’s important to use safety equipment, such as protective gloves and eyewear, and to keep a watchful eye while your turkey is cooking — grease fires can cause severe burns and disfigurement, among other types of catastrophic damage
  • Keep sharp objects out of reach of small children
  • Maintain a clear pathway for guests – piled coats, abandoned plates, and small children running around could lead to severe falls, back injuries, and fractures
  • Check smoke alarms in your home to make sure that they are working properly in case a fire occurs
  • Don’t attempt to carve the turkey while under the influence – the most common cause of Thanksgiving-related injuries are carving accidents

The above safety tips should decrease the chances of a Thanksgiving-related accident, but unexpected accidents occur every day. If you or someone you love has suffered holiday injuries because of a manufacturer or property owner’s negligence, it’s essential to consult a St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer right away, as you could recover compensation with a strong premises liability or defective product claim.

Missouri Thanksgiving Injury Lawsuits | St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

Thanksgiving is a time to catch up with loved ones that you might not get to see every day and rejoice in the holiday season. The last thing that you should have to experience is pain and suffering caused by another person’s negligence. When another person’s carelessness is to blame for your Thanksgiving-related head injury, concussion, or back injuries, the Dixon Injury Firm’s Personal Injury Lawyers specialize in fighting for Thanksgiving injury claims in St. Louis.

Our St. Louis Thanksgiving Injury Lawyers and can make sure that you get the most compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and other damages caused in a Thanksgiving-related accident. For more information on how the Dixon Injury Firm can fight for your case, call (314) 208-2808, or contact the Dixon Injury Firm today for a free case review or consultation.