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Dixon Injury Firm’s Health Care Fraud Attorneys Help St. Louis Whistleblowers Find Justice

Health care fraud is sadly more common than you might think. In the summer of 2017, for example, two doctors at the University of Missouri School of Medicine pled guilty to fraud schemes that totaled more than $190,000. The doctors, who were high-level practitioners at the teaching hospital, signed off on cancer-screening exams that were actually performed by residents, who are much more junior doctors. Medicare, Medicaid, and the military’s Tricare program generally do not pay for these exams if they are not performed or reviewed by a teaching physician. Unfortunately, these types of scams are all too common even among highly-educated doctors.

Our firm provides a variety of legal services. This includes personal injury, workers compensation, product liability, and other claims. Our St. Louis health care fraud lawyers bring proven legal counsel to clients and their families.

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The Government Wants You To Find Fraud

Back in the Civil War, the Congress was having terrible trouble with contractors ripping off the government, and it came up with the False Claims Act as a solution. This law is still used to attack fraud in military contracting, but today the federal government is spending about 26% of its money on health care programs. That percentage is only expected to grow. By 2046 the Congressional Budget Office says the government will spend about 31% of its money on health care. Sadly, where there is big money being spent there is bound to be fraud.

The False Claims Act authorizes the public to file “qui tam” complaints. Basically, this means an individual can step into the shoes of the government to file a complaint saying that the government is being ripped off in a health care fraud scheme. This complaint is filed “under seal” in federal court and with federal prosecutors. The federal prosecutors must review the complaint and then can decide if they want to intervene and take up the case themselves. This is usually the outcome a whistleblower is hoping for.

If the government wins a case that a whistleblower started, the whistleblower can be awarded 15% to 25% of the money that was recovered. If the government declines to get involved, then the whistleblower can carry the case on themselves and they will receive 25% to 30% of any money recovered for the government. In 2016, the DOJ recovered over $4.7 billion and awarded $519 million to third parties that started False Claims Act lawsuits. This program is a highly successful way to encourage the public to help the government save money.

The state government has a similar health care fraud reward program. The Missouri Fraud Control Unit of the Attorney General’s Office works to stop doctors, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and the like from overcharging the Medicaid program that is run by the State. It has a little bit more informal process than the federal False Claims Act. You simply have to tell the Attorney General’s office about the fraud, either over the phone, through an online form, or through the mail. Then, the state may award you 10% of any money collected in a civil suit against a Medicaid provider “if you are the original source of information” used to recover the money.

St. Louis Health Care Fraud Attorneys

When you begin a health care fraud case in St. Louis, it’s crucial to secure legal counsel with experience. Dixon Injury Firm’s personal injury and workers comp attorney make sure clients have the resources they need to win a claim. Here are a couple questions to ask St. Louis health care fraud attorneys:

How much does legal counsel cost me? This varies on the health care fraud claim and various factors. We utilize a contingency system, which means our services are free.

How much could I win? Again, this also depends on the claim. Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis health care fraud attorneys try to win clients medical expenses, personal hardship, and other compensation.

What’s next? The next step is to contact us for more info and consultation from our health care fraud lawyers.

More About Health Care Fraud Attorneys in St. Louis

Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm specialize in health care fraud claims and additional personal and workplace injuries. Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Chris understands how difficult these types of cases are for victims. To help alleviate financial stress, Dixon Injury Firm make it easier by providing a contingency payment system. This enables clients to pay fees only if the case is won. Dixon Injury Firm’s legal counsel is free until then.

We Are Health Care Experts

The Dixon Injury Firm has spent years helping injured people around the St. Louis area to put their lives back together. As a result, we have seen all that is good and bad about the American health care system. We have seen excellent doctors that helped our clients get better, and we have also seen less scrupulous health care professionals. This gives us a unique insight into health care fraud cases.

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