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If you’ve been injured on the Metrolink or another form of public transportation, it can be confusing to determine what to do immediately following the accident. You may be hurt or even concussed and thinking clearly at this point in time can be difficult.

Our lawyers experienced in litigating Metrolink accident cases say you should take these actions first:

  • Call the Police—It is important the police document the Metrolink accident by creating a report of the incident. Failing to officially document the crash by filing an accident report will allow the responsible party’s insurance company to delay or deny your claim for reimbursement. A police report will provide a summary of the facts of the crash, who is at fault, insurance information for the parties, witnesses’ names and contact information, road conditions, citations issued, and other vital details. A police report provides vital information for a subsequent investigation by your accident lawyer.
  • Seek Medical Attention—Following any accident, victims are often dazed and confused. In addition, adrenaline is rushing, and injuries are often overlooked. It is important that you seek emergency medical attention to ensure you receive proper treatment for your injuries. Overlooked internal bleeding and traumatic brain injuries are responsible for a countless number of deaths each year. Your injuries need to be documented immediately in order to receive the correct course of medical treatment.
  • Do Not Exaggerate Your Injuries—This is an extremely important point. Your medical providers cannot provide competent medical care if they do not know your true symptoms. In addition, our firm will turn down any case if it is discovered that injuries are being exaggerated or falsified.
  • Tell the Insurance Company to Wait—Following the crash, insurance companies will begin to call immediately. Insurance companies hire trained investigators to obtain any evidence available to deny your claim. There is a time for speaking to insurance companies and it is certainly not immediately following your crash. It will not hurt your case to wait to make a statement, despite what the insurance company may tell you.
  • Contact Our Metrolink Accident Lawyers—Knowing that large insurance corporations hire skilled investigators requires that you obtain someone who is looking out for your best interests immediately after the crash. Insurance corporations place the interests of profit above all other interests. This includes yours! Following a Metrolink collision, you should immediately retain an injury lawyer to begin an investigation into your case. As time passes, evidence is lost. Only an immediate investigation will ensure all available evidence is documented and preserved.

To have a Metrolink accident claim, you’ll have to be able to prove that the driver of the bus acted negligently, or that another mechanism of the bus or some type of protocol or system managed by Metrolink was defective or dangerous. This can be difficult to do when trying to collect evidence days after an accident. Collecting evidence to support your case immediately after an accident can be difficult, as you may have injuries or require medical care. However, if you are able, our Metrolink accident lawyers advise that you collect certain items to strengthen your case.

Chris Dixon STL Personal Injury Lawyer
Chris Dixon, STL Metrolink Injury Accident Lawyer

If possible, do as much of the following as you can immediately after your accident:

  • Take Photographs—Photographic evidence can provide excellent proof that what you claim happened actually occurred. Other witnesses might tell the story differently and weaken your case, but a photo cannot lie.
  • Get Witness Reports—Alongside photographs, gathering your own witness reports, or at least the contact information of witnesses for later, lends credibility to your statement.
  • Detail the Weather—This may seem like a trivial step, but poor weather conditions can lead to an accident. Detail what the weather was like, whether raining, snowing, sunny, etc.
  • Record Your Own Written Notes—Crafting a statement in your own words can help you remember the incident later when your speaking to the police or an attorney, or even later, a judge. Recording your initial statement for your own records is important.

If you aren’t able to take these actions at the time, our experienced Metrolink Accident Attorneys can help collect this information for you to protect your case.

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