Over the past ten years, ridesharing has been responsible for eliminating the taxi-cab market in St. Louis. The main reason ridesharing dominates the industry is that it provides a transportation service that is faster, safer, more reliable, and cost-effective. No longer do you have to stand outside of Busch Stadium and wonder if a cab will show up. You can call a Lyft and be safe at home in the Metro East in no time.

However, despite its popularity, ridesharing still poses dangers for passengers. Taxi rates can be high, and hailing a cab isn’t always easy. Personal injury litigation that arises from an accident involving rideshare can involve many complex legal questions. This makes ridesharing a much more feasible and attractive option for travelers.

Lyft is a prominent ridesharing service that provides many rides each day but also results in accidents and injuries. Lyft vehicles can be in all types of crashes, including those with trucks, buses, other cars, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and others.

At the Dixon Injury Firm, our St. Louis Lyft and Metro East accident lawyers represent clients following Lyft accidents. Our team can answer all the questions you have regarding ridesharing crashes and your legal options. With Dixon Injury Firm, you are our top priority, and we stop at nothing to ensure you receive the compensation and justice you rightfully deserve.

Our car accident case results

Award For Best STL Personal Injury Law FirmWe handle all types of car accident cases and always fight for the total compensation each client deserves.

Below are only some of our many successful case results for car crash victims, including those who suffered injuries in rideshare accidents.

  • $12 million for a wrongful death claim following a fatal crash
  • $600,000 for a client with a herniated disc after a Lindbergh accident
  • $100,000 for a passenger injured in the back seat of a car (how most people ride as Lyft passengers)
  • $50,000 for a passenger with permanent scarring from a car accident

As you can see, the financial recovery from car accident cases can vary widely. We determine the value of your specific losses and seek what you need to cover them.

Rideshare accidents are different from other car accidents.

Rideshare companies, such as Lyft, mimic taxi services in the United States. Rideshare services do not own or operate the cars or the drivers. Every car accident requires that the person filing the claim prove liability and damages.

If the at-fault party is a rideshare driver, the claims process becomes more complex. Rideshare drivers drive for money, and their car insurance policy will not cover the claim. The standard car insurance policies state that the driver uses the vehicle for personal use.

Can a victim sue a ridesharing company, like Lyft, if hit by the driver?

Yes. If you sustain injuries from a ridesharing driver, like Lyft, you can bring a lawsuit against the employing company. It is essential to know that you can only file this type of claim if the driver is acting in their official capacity when the accident occurs. Otherwise, Lyft is not liable.

For passengers in a St. Louis or Metro East Lyft rideshare, the same rules apply. You are receiving a service from the rideshare driver, which means that the driver acts in their official capacity. Hence, Lyft, as the employing company, can be a defendant in the case.

The follow-up question is whether the accident is the Lyft driver’s fault or if liability falls on the other driver. If the Lyft driver is in no way responsible for the accident, the company does not have to pay for damages in the case. Remember that rideshare drivers are not employees of the company but independent contractors; claims must go through the driver’s insurance policy. After that, it can go through Lyft’s insurance policy.

Accidents when the Lyft driver is not providing fares or is in between foods depend upon when the accident occurs. Either way, you can file a personal injury claim for your injuries and any other losses.

Liable parties for Lyft accidents and injuries

Since a rideshare driver’s auto insurance policy does not cover an accident claim while driving for money, Lyft offers liability insurance to their drivers. All Lyft drivers must submit accident claims to their insurance first, and if the insurance denies the claim, the liability provides protection. Rideshare drivers that are at fault can still be liable for the accident through the liability coverage that Lyft offers.

What does Lyft driver insurance cover?

While Lyft drivers are on the assignment, they have:

  • $1 million liability per accident
  • $1 million underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage only if you already have personal policies covering the same

While the Lyft app is on but the driver has no assignments:

  • $50,000/person, $100,000/accident, and $25,000 property damage, but only if your insurance covers less than this
  • Collision and comprehensive insurance only if you already have the same individual auto insurance policies

If the Lyft driver is responsible for the accident, the victim can file a claim against the driver. However, under many circumstances, the victim can also file a claim against Lyft’s corporate insurance, which has much higher policy limits.

The best course of action you can take is to consult with a quality Lyft accident attorney at Dixon Injury Firm. We can speak on behalf of all our attorneys by saying that they are knowledgeable and have ample experience handling rideshare accident claims. We can counsel you regarding your case.

Who pays for the injuries if a Lyft driver hits someone?

It all depends on a multitude of factors. Employing rideshare companies are responsible if the driver acts in their official capacity at the accident. For instance, if the Lyft driver is on break and not actively pursuing paying customers, Lyft is not responsible.

Regardless of whether or not the victims bring Lyft into the lawsuit, insurance companies take part in the claim. For most injury claims, most of the compensation awards come from an insurance company. The particular insurance company or how much they must pay depends on the case’s specifics.

Lyft accidents are challenging to overcome. Accidents involving Lyft can hold the at-fault driver responsible under personal injury laws. If the Lyft driver is at fault, the accident claim first goes through their car insurance policy since rideshare drivers are independent contractors. They are not employees of Lyft. Again, the Lyft driver’s insurance policy will deny the claim, which sets the stage for the liability coverage, courtesy of Lyft, to kick in.

Winning a lawsuit against Lyft compared to an individual

It isn’t always harder to win a case similar to this; it can still be more complex. There are a few additional steps that the victim must follow compared to a lawsuit that does not involve an official rideshare company like Lyft. One of our Dixon Injury Firm, St. Louis Lyft accident attorneys will have no problem assisting victims through receiving compensation.

What can a victim do?

Our legal team can’t express it enough; the most critical action you can take in a case like this is to consult with an attorney right away. Experienced attorneys can assess the situation and later help determine who to bring into a personal injury case. The sooner you contact us, the more we can do to help you. Reach out to us by phone or by visiting our website and submitting a form. Schedule a free initial consultation today.

Possible loopholes in coverage

Lyft coverage gaps can look like this:

  • Damage to the Lyft driver’s car from an accident that occurs while the app is on without an assignment
  • Personal injury to the Lyft driver without a job if the Lyft driver is at-fault for the accident

Is it better to sue or settle?

A settlement is ideal for any number of reasons. Although, you must be ready to go to court rather than accept an inadequate settlement offer. Vehicle accident claims can resolve through settlement.

Why hire a Lyft accident attorney from Dixon Injury Firm?

To recover compensation for Lyft accident injuries and other losses, you must prove that the Lyft driver is at-fault for the accident. Once you establish negligence, you must first file a claim against the Lyft driver’s car insurance policy. Then you can file a lawsuit against the liability insurance coverage that Lyft provides. However, the liability coverage must satisfy the previous criteria for filing a claim.

Dixon Injury Firm Lyft accident attorneys have plenty of experience handling accidents with ridesharing companies. Our team can also provide the necessary knowledge and skills to help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries and other losses in the quickest time possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local St. Louis Lyft accident attorney at Dixon Injury Firm. Our firm truly cares for victims of personal injuries. We commit ourselves to fighting for injury victims’ rights, and we will do whatever it takes to help you receive your financial compensation as soon as possible. No matter how big or small your case is, we take every claim seriously and are ready to fight for justice.

We believe that all injury victims have the right to receive quality legal representation. There is no better way to seek representation than through Dixon Injury Firm. We assign each client to a Lyft accident attorney who will focus their time on that case. We pride ourselves on our aggressive, strategic, and creative negotiation styles. Our litigation team handles thousands of lawsuits regarding personal injury from rideshare accidents. We have an excellent record of getting personal injury claims and lawsuit results.

St. Louis Lyft Accident FAQs

Should you call the police after a Lyft accident?

Absolutely. Anytime an accident occurs, you want to call the police to report the accident. Police can call emergency medical services to the scene of the accident. Those individuals will deliver any necessary medical attention. Law enforcement officers can file a formal report when you call the police after a Lyft accident. You can access this report to support your injury claim.

Who is responsible for the safety and maintenance of Lyft vehicles?

Lyft vehicles are the property of the driver. The drivers are responsible for maintaining the vehicle. Lyft has certain specifications regarding the age of the vehicle, type of vehicle, and the maximum mileage permissible. Specific state laws may require that Lyft drivers inspect their vehicle every year or every 50,000 miles. Whichever occurs first is a general rule of thumb to follow.

What are the common causes of Lyft accidents?

The most common causes of Lyft accidents include driver inexperience, speeding, distracted driving, unsafe driving in poor weather or road conditions, and lastly, driving while drowsy. However, distracted driving is specifically typical among Lyft and other ridesharing drivers. It is a requirement that drivers use their cell phones to locate passengers and navigate to destinations.

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