Coma Injury Accident Attorney in STL

If a member of your family is currently suffering in a coma, you need to speak with a qualified and aggressive personal injury lawyer in St. Louis who will fight for your family’s rights. Christopher R. Dixon and the team at The Dixon Injury Firm are dedicated to helping St. Louis citizens who are suffering because of the negligence of businesses, corporations, or individuals who have caused harm to their families.

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Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Your family is suffering because of the negligent acts of another. Shouldn’t you seek an attorney who will aggressively pursue your family’s claim? When you entrust our firm with the care of your family and your loved one who is suffering through a coma, you can be assured that we will fight on your behalf until you receive the care and compensation that your family deserves. You are losing precious time with your loved one because of the coma they are currently suffering through.

Common Causes of Comas:

How a Coma Can Affect Your Family

If your loved one was a providing member of the household, you lose more than just their companionship, you lose their wages and any other material/emotional benefits they brought into the house. Your family may now be struggling to pay bills, fill the car with gas, or even put food on the table all because of the negligent acts of another. You have rights, and you can use your rights to ensure that those who have harmed your family are held responsible to the fullest account of the law.

If you need the power of an attorney to ensure that your loved one’s rights are taken care of while they are in a coma, our St. Louis personal injury lawyers can meet your needs. Never take on a coma case alone! The responsible party will have a team of lawyers prepared to weaken your claim so that the blame is placed on your loved one and lessens the amount they will be required to pay you.

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